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Dave Hyams

Dave Hyams

Wet Plate Collodion


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Spend a week learning the incredibly versatile wet plate collodion process.  We will be learning how to create one of a kind images in the process that dates from the early 1850s.  Learn the techniques to create traditional tintype and ambrotype images in camera, and also to create cameraless tintype photograms in the darkroom.  This will be a great opportunity to build the necessary skills to create collodion work in the studio and the field.  We will be going over everything you need, from chemicals and safety, technique and troubleshooting, to equipment for all budgets.



David Hyams, formerly the darkroom manager of Bostick & Sullivan, recently co-founded Luminaria SLC, a Salt Lake City based tintype portrait studio and master printing lab.  He has been creating art with historical photographic processes for 2 decades, and sharing his experience and knowledge with others by teaching and mentoring artists.