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Snow College Physics Department

Physics is the study and application of the fundamental laws of nature, including the laws of motion, gravity, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and microscopic interactions. These laws govern the behavior of objects at all scales, from the smallest subatomic particles to the entire observable universe. In between, physicists study nuclear reactions, the interactions of atoms with light, properties of solids, chaotic dynamics of fluids, and the evolution of stars and galaxies, among many other applications.

Why Study Physics?

Physics is for the curious. If you want to know how the natural world works study physics. Physics is the foundation of all physical sciences. The laws of nature studied in physics underlie the other sciences including Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy, Meteorology, and even Biology.

Why Study Physics at Snow College?

The Physics Department at Snow is part of a very strong division that provides a superior education in Math, Science, and Engineering. Snow graduates generally do extremely well at transfer institutions. The Physics Department provides a rigorous experience that prepares students to transfer as juniors and be successful as Physics majors.

Department Chair: Steve Hart

For more information, questions, comments: ude.wons@scisyhp