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Physics Courses

PHSC  1000  Interdisciplinary Phys Sc PS
PHYS  1010  Elementary Physics PS
PHYS  1015  Elementary Physics Lab LB
PHYS  1060  Astronomy: Stars & Galaxies PS
PHYS  1080  Life in the Universe
PHYS  1130  Intro to Meteorology PS
PHYS  1135  Intro to Meteorology Lab LB
PHYS  1750  Science of Sound and Music PS
PHYS  1755  Sci of Sound & Music Lab LB
PHYS  2010  College Physics I
PHYS  2015  College Physics I Lab
PHYS  2020  College Physics II
PHYS  2025  College Physics II Lab
PHYS  2210  Physics:Scientist/Engineer I
PHYS  2215  Physics:Scientist/Engineer Lab
PHYS  2220  Physics:Scientist/Engineers II
PHYS  2225  Phys:Scientist/Engineer II Lab
PHYS  2710  Introductory Modern Physics