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Engineering Careers

Students who earn a degree in computer science should be able to work in the following areas:


Computer science majors who earn a bachelor’s degree and certification in secondary education are usually eligible to be high school information technology teachers. With a master’s degree, computer science majors are eligible to teach in a two-year college. These levels usually emphasize the teaching of programming. With a doctorate, computer science majors are eligible to teach in a four year college or university. College professors may choose an area of specialization, which is usually related to their doctoral studies; they are also expected to do research.


Scholarly research in computer science is usually com- bined with teaching at four year college or university. In addition, many companies including governmental agencies hire computer scientists to do research.

Software Engineering 

Software engineers design and implement software solutions to real problems. They work for a variety of employers, most commonly software companies.

Computer Engineering 

Computer engineers design and implement hardware solutions to real problems. They generally work for computer manufacturing companies.

Information Technology 

information Technologists provide support to indi- viduals, groups, organizations, and companies in all sectors who use computers and related technology. They may be employed directly or as consultants. They recommend, install, and maintain computer and related hardware as well as software.