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Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

Computer and information technology facilities operated by Snow College are available for the use of students, faculty, staff and authorized guests of the institution. College Information Technology facilities are comprised of numerous components, including such College owned facilities as computer hardware, multimedia hardware, video equipment, software, documentation, communications support, on-line account administration, support services, Internet access and instructional materials. The Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy applies to situations where any person or persons utilize College Information Technology facilities alone or in combination with other information technology facilities. 

Violation of this policy will result in suspension or revocation of utilization privileges, administrative discipline or immediate termination of the violator's relationship with Snow College and could lead to Criminal and Civil prosecution. The College is authorized by anyone utilizing its Information Technology facilities to cooperate with Government and civil authorities in the prosecution of any criminal and civil matter against any person who violates this policy, including disclosure of any records, information, data, images, communications, recordings, or other evidence in the custody of or accessible by the College.

Utilization of any College Information Technology facility constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy. Users acknowledge they have read and understand this Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy and they shall be personally responsible for their acts or omissions in connection with utilization in derogation of this policy.

Authorized uses of the Snow College information Technology facilities include:

  • Learning activities facilitating the College's instructional objectives.
  • Research conducted in support of educational or research programs authorized by the College.
  • Utilization by specifically authorized persons for the administration of the College and its programs.
  • Communications necessary to conduct the purposes of the College and its programs.
  • Communications between faculty, staff, students and others outside the College containing messages or information, the content of which is not in conflict with this policy.

Unauthorized uses of the Snow College Information Technology facilities include:

  • Any utilization infringing on the rights or liberties of another.
  • Illegal or criminal use of any kind.
  • Utilization involving communications, materials, information, data or images prohibited by legal authority as obscene, pornographic, threatening, abusive, harassing, discriminatory, or in violation of any other College policies.
  • Deliberately wasting or overloading computing resources.
  • Displaying obscene material in a computer lab or other on campus location in a way that potentially places such material in the view of others beyond their reasonable control.
  • Accessing, viewing, printing, storing, transmitting, disseminating or selling any information protected by law or subject to privilege or an expectation of privacy.
  • Utilization that causes or permits materials protected by copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, trade secret, confidential or proprietary data and information statutes, or communications of another, to be uploaded to a computer or information system, published, broadcast, or in any way disseminated without authorization of the owner.
  • Any attempts to access any resources, features, contents or controls of the Information Technology Facilities that are restricted, confidential or privileged.
  • Intentional or reckless utilization of resources causing damage to or altering the operation, functions or design of the Information Technology Facilities or content.
  • Granting access to persons not authorized by Snow College to any College information Technology Facility, either by intentional action such as disclosure of account information or unintentional action such as failure to log off.
  • Commercial, profit-motivated or partisan political use not related to College programs.

Due to the inherent lack of security in most Internet communications, and due to the right and need for the College to monitor compliance with this policy, utilization of the Snow College Information Technology Facilities that require strict privacy is not encouraged or supported. While Snow College will exercise due diligence to protect the privacy of Technology Facilities users, any person utilizing any College Information Technology facility understands and agrees they are specifically waiving any expectation or right to privacy in their communications, data, programs or other personal information stored, displayed, accessed, communicated, published or transmitted on the facility.

As a student at Snow College I have read and understand the Acceptable Use Policy and I do hereby accept all rights and responsibilities.