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Foreign Language Careers

Employers of Foreign Language Majors

International Political Organizations, Embassies, and Consultants, Import/Export Companies & International Banks, Schools, Government - CIA, Defense Dept., Peace Corps, Dept. of Justice, Immigration & Naturalization, International Student Programs, Corporate Programs for Transfer Students, Non-profit Organizations, Industry - Hospitality, Restaurants & Hotels, Health Care Services, Pharmaceutical Companies, Banking, Airlines, Cruise Lines, Railroads, and the Automobile Industry.

Related Occupations for Foreign Language Majors

Some of these occupations may require additional education at Graduate or Professional schools.

Air Traffic Assistant
Art Dealer
Banking Correspondent
Bilingual Educator
Civil Service Employee
Cultural Attache
Cultural Officer
Customs/Immigration Officer
Drug Enforcement Agent
FBI or CIA Agent
Financial Planner
Foreign Correspondent
Foreign Diplomat
Foreign Exchange Trader
Foreign Service Officer
Foreign Service Peacekeeping
Foreign Service Specialist
Fund-Raiser Importer/Exporter
Travel Writer
Intelligence Researcher
Intelligence Specialist
International Account Representative
International Banking Officer
International Consultant
International Trade Economist
Investment Analyst
Loan Officer
National Security Agent
Overseas Plant Manager
Peace Corps
Pharmaceutical Representative
Sports Agent
Tour Organizer
Travel Agent