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Theatre Arts Department

Don't Drink the Water By Steven Deitz

Directed by Brad V. Olsen

October 6, 7, 8, 9
8:00 pm Curtain
Eccles Performing Arts Center

Adults: $6.50
Seniors/High School & Younger: $6.00
Snow College Students: $2.00 w/Activity Card

Season Ticket
Adults: $20.50
Seniors/High School & Younger: $19.00

A whirlwind of comedy set in an American embassy on foreign shores. An American tourist, a caterer by trade, and his family rush into the embassy two steps ahead of the police who suspect them of spying. But it's not much of a refuge, for the ambassador is absent and his son, now in charge, has been expelled from a dozen countries. Nevertheless, they carefully and frantically plot their escape, and the ambassador's son and the caterer's daughter even have time to fall in love!