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Theatre Arts Department

By MoliereThe Miser

Directed by Michael Helms

February 6, 7, 8, 9
8:00 pm Curtain
Crane Theatre

Adults: $6.00
Seniors/High School & Younger: $5.50
Snow College Students: Free w/Activity Card

Season Ticket
Adults: $20.50
Seniors/High School & Younger: $19.00

"The most scheming miser in literature decides to marry the young woman his son also loves...and with breathtaking skill and hilarity, events unfold in one outrageous scene after another."-Dramatist Play Service

The Story:
Harpagon, widower and father of a grown boy and girl, allows hismiserliness to rule his every action which frustrates his children and makes him the dupe of those who recognize his all consuming foible. The children scheme to select their own mates rather than those chosen from their father's parsimony. His son, Cleante, is his rival for the affections of Marianne. When Cleante forces Harpagon to choose between the girl and his missing cash box, Harpagon chooses the money. Several farcical, servant beatings, and one hilarious scene in which Harpagon-giving orders to his servants for a party he is planning-carries his miserly tactics to ridiculous extremes.