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Why Get Your Education Online at Snow College?

You can do it on your own time. 
Adult students frequently cite the difficulty in scheduling and balancing family and work responsibilities as one of the biggest obstacles to continuing their education. Online (or distance) learning helps overcome these difficulties by bringing the classroom to wherever the student is, whenever the student needs to study.

Courses are fully transferable. 
These courses can result in credits toward the Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree, are fully transferable to most public and private 4-year universities and can be used to complete a variety of undergraduate requirements for a bachelor's or higher level graduate degree. Additionally, many courses can be used toward certificate programs, or can result in personal skill acquisition or job enhancement/promotional levels. Make sure the class is fulfilling your educational needs by talking to a advisor

Distance Learning helps develop 21st century communication skills. 
Another reason why distance learning courses are becoming more and more popular is that students are finding that these courses develop and enhance command of many 21st century communications skills that are increasingly important to employers. Skills such as E-mail use, computer skills, electronic writing, file management activities, electronic collaboration techniques, media handling and other skill sets that are very helpful in the business world are routinely learned and applied in the "virtual" classroom.

Go at your own pace. 
An important reason that many students actually prefer the virtual classroom is that the pace of the learning is controlled by the student rather than being dependent upon the scheduled classroom meetings. Thus, students may work ahead or skip quickly through content they are familiar with. For working students, the ability to rearrange the study schedule is immensely valuable.

An easy grade. This is NOT a reason to take a distance learning course. 
Many students, in fact, find that distance learning courses to be more work than traditional classes. It is important to remember that Distance Learning courses still have all the rigor of a regular college-level classroom course. That is to the student's benefit, as many courses may be prep courses for other college classes, may need to be used for accredited transfer, or may require substantive mastery of content for application to work. On the other hand, because faculty spend considerable time on the organizational and instructional design processes of these distance learning courses students repeatedly find that they are pleased and satisfied with their educational experience.

You can save money by reduced travel and lodging expense and help the environment.
Another reason to take online courses is that you can save some money you need to travel less to campus and avoid the need to pay for semester lodging. Ultimatley you can do your part to help keep traffic and pollution down if you choose to take online classes.

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