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Identity Finder FAQ

Identity Finder is a program that searches your computer for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, and helps you to manage them.  By identifying and securing this type of information we can reduce the risk of identity theft.

The College's executive management has made the protection and removal of sensitive data a priority for the College.  Snow is using Identity Finder to proactively locate and secure sensitive data on computer and server hard drives to ensure that it is not left vulnerable to potential identity theft.

The President's Counsel required everyone to install and use the Identity Finder software once in 2016.

Identity Finder is capable of finding a variety of Identity Types.  The College is only interested in:

Social Security Numbers
Credit Card Numbers

PII, once found, can be Shred, Scrubbed, Secured, Quarantined, Ignored, or Recycled.

Scan results can be seen by you and are sent to a secure server where they may be viewed by an Information Security Administrator or for the purpose of validating that the information has been protected.  Administrators will only be able to see the file location and type. The actual contents of the file cannot be seen by anyone but you.

College faculty and staff can use Identity Finder free of charge on College systems.

Our license with Identity Finder does not allow installation on non-Snow College owned computers.  If you would like to run a scan for this type of information on your home system there are several other products you can purchase or download. Here are a couple options:

Password Sweeper Free
Identity Sweeper or Identity Sweeper Pro