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Grant Awards

The Snow College Grants Office currently manages more than $2 Million in grant funds, including the following programs:

Americans in the Holocaust Exhibit

Made possible by a grant from the American Library Association, the Karen H. Huntsman Library is privileged to host this traveling exhibition from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum that examines the motives and fears that shaped Americans’ responses to war in the 1930s and 1940s.

ATE-Livestock Management

Snow College’s Innovative Livestock Management Program is the first of its kind in Utah. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, students are trained in livestock management and technical skills that utilizes cost-saving and sustainability practices. 

Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG)

The US Department of Homeland Security/FEMA supplies funds to assist Snow College Public Safety in building capabilities to implement the National Preparedness System and support the National Preparedness Goal.

Everyday Entrepreneur Program

The Snow College GRIT Center for Rural Entrepreneurship has been awarded a grant by the NAACCE to launch and grow entrepreneurship programs and to provide funding to student-founded companies.

Great Basin Station Museum

This grant was funded by the Utah Division of Arts and Museums for improvements to the museum at Ephraim Canyon’s Great Basin Station. The funding will help preserve artifacts and facilitate a more cohesive flow as visitors learn the rich history of the longest running rangeland and watershed research in the world.

Innovative Agricultural Building

The U.S. Economic Development Administration has awarded Snow College a $2.4 million grant to help diversify the regional economy by building the Innovative Agricultural Center.  This grant is funded by the American Rescue Plan and EDA’s $300 million Coal Communities Commitment. The new Agricultural Center will house a rodeo arena and classrooms for the expanding agribusiness program and will open the door to new programs such as veterinary technology, meat processing, precision agriculture and equine therapy. 

Invasive Species Mitigation

This grant through the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food allows natural resource students a paid internship opportunity, giving them hands-on experiences in nature by maintaining healthy ecosystems and controlling noxious weeds throughout Sanpete County.

National Science Foundation Grants for Chemistry

These NSF projects involve the development of cavity-enhanced detection methods for hydroxyl radical and the application of the techniques in the field near the Great Salt Lake to measure hydroxyl radical, glyoxal, formaldehyde, and nitrogen dioxide related to halogen chemistry and mercury deposition near a major magnesium processing plant.

Noyce Grant

This grant, is in partnership with Utah Valley University and is funded by the National Science Foundation.  The project’s goal is to identify, encourage and assist students toward secondary teaching of Math Education, Earth Science and Biology. 

TRiO Student Support Services

This is a federally funded program designed to help qualified program recipients become successful students, college graduates, respected professionals in their fields, and eventually contributing citizens in their communities. 

U.S. Forest Service Grants

Snow College has partnered with the United States Forest Service to offer paid internships to students interested in natural resources. These students perform work in timber, rangeland, wildlife, recreation, and other natural resource related fields.

Utah and Intermountain Farm Business Management Benchmarking Consortium

This grant from the United States Department of Agriculture in partnership with Utah State University provides funds for improving the farm management knowledge and skills of agricultural producers in our region.

Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium

This grant provides support for displays and presentations at area schools, as well as supplies for the Science Olympiad, the Math Contest, the S-hike, and Science Night. An additional space grant provides scholarships and funding for a summer camp.

Utah System of Higher Education grants

The Utah System of Higher Education has generously awarded Snow College grants to assist with developing our competency-based education and to support our technical and nursing programs.

University Center Grant

Funding from the Economic Development Administration in partnership with Southern Utah University has enabled Snow College to develop a “Future Ready Workforce” through training programs and outreach.


Funding from the Utah Office for Victims of Crime enables Snow College to house a victim’s advocacy and support program within the campus Public Safety Office.

Western Center for Risk Management Education (WCRME)

The Snow College Farm and Ranch Program receives funds from the United States Department of Agriculture through Washington State University to support financial and benchmark training of beginning farmers and ranchers throughout Central Utah.