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The CARe Team meets on a regular basis to review reports of student behavior that may pose a potential risk to the student or the college community. Information is gathered from multiple sources and reviewed by the CARe Team in order to evaluate a student’s level of risk. The team recommends appropriate interventions. The CARe Team’s intention is to retain these students and help move them toward graduation.

Sometimes, it is difficult to know when to reach out to the CARe Team. It is best to remember that the goal of the CARe Team is to promote early intervention with students of concern to prevent problems from escalating into crises. If a student has put him or herself or others in imminent danger contact police dispatch or 911 immediately.

In less immediate circumstances, reach out to the CARe Team if you:

  • Are concerned about a student;
  • Do not know where else to get help;
  • Are concerned about a student’s ability to adjust to the college environment;
  • Believe that a student’s behavior suggests possible safety concerns in the future;
  • Believe a student may not be in immediate crisis, but would benefit from additional support and resources.

If you are unsure, it is better to make a report.

Any individual is welcome to submit a CARe Report. 

1. Go to, select Report Behavior/Conduct Concern form the right menu, and complete the online form with as much detail as possible.
2. Contact any member of the CARe Team (they are all listed at and share the information you have so the team member can follow up with a report.

As a caring individual, you may wish to connect with the person you are concerned about before submitting a report.  However, there is no expectation or requirement that you do so.

When a report is submitted, the CARe Team assesses the level of risk and determines the most appropriate way to reach out to the student of concern.  This can often be accomplished without mentioning the details of the CARe Report itself. 

You won’t. Only CARe Team members are aware of the names of students who have been reported.  This list of names is kept confidential. Please report students of concern to the CARe Team, even if you suspect the student may have been reported previously.

If the behavior of the student has caused concern for you, we encourage you to notify the CARe Team right away.  You may be witnessing part of a larger pattern of behavior. By sharing your concern, you may be helping the CARe team learn about a potential problem situation or connect a student to resources that will assist that student.

The CARe Team is the only campus entity with access to the CARe reports and CARe Team meetings are closed meetings.  CARe reports are a part of a student's secure educational record.  As such, CARe records are covered under FERPA regulations, thereby protecting the privacy of the student. 

The main purposes of reporting to the CARe Team are to help students who may be at risk be successful and to keep our college community safe. Whether the overall review of information will adversely affect a student's status will depend on the situation at hand.

Individuals may make anonymous reports; however, if a reporter’s name is not provided it may hamper the team’s ability to seek follow-up information that may be critical in determining an appropriate course of action. If a reporter’s name is provided, the team will verify receipt of the report and, if necessary, reach out for additional information from you.

There are a variety of possible actions that may occur once a CARe report has been filed based on the nature and concern level of the report, the student's other or past behavior(s), and the context of what has occurred. The CARe Team is focused on providing appropriate interventions by tapping into college or community resources that will help the student become more successful and keep the college community safe.