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Snow Fit Monthly Challenges

April 2021

Participating with Snow Fit

Thank you to everyone who participated in Snow Fit Challenges! Use this link to report your results. This will take 1 minute and enter you for a chance to win a prize!

For the Month of April, each challenge you participate and report on will put your name in a drawing for a nice Snow Fit duffle bag! Choose what you would like to compete in. The PEHP challenges are individual. The Snow Fit challenges will be competing against those who register. Use this link to register for Snow Fit and for the challenges you would like to participate in. At the end of the month you will report here!

Challenges for April - Snow Fit

Anyone can register for PEHP Challenges.

   December Wellness Challenge Workout Warrior - April 2021

April 2021 - Wellness Challenge - Find Your Purpose

April 1 - April 30
Discover why YOU matter and how to use your unique characteristics and strengths to make your mark on the world.


  • Week 1 – Knowing You
  • Week 2 - Benefits and Myths
  • Week 3 - Who Instead of How
  • Week 4 - Finding Purpose at Work

Wellness challenges are email based, self paced educational programs that focus on areas of well being. Often used to jump-start personal goals, challenges can help you take charge of your health.

April 2021 - Workout Warrior - Simple Stretching

April 5 - 30

Feel tight from sitting all day? Taking the time to stretch most days improves flexibility, decreases risk of injury, and can improve overall mood. We'll show you some simple stretches that can make a huge difference!

Keep track of physical activity (see tools below). Report step total at the end of the month.

Workout Warrior Tools

(Use these tools as well even if you are only participating at the Snow College level).
Track your steps/miles (PDF): To help you keep track of your steps/miles each month, download and print this calendar.
Step Conversion Chart 

PEHP Health Coaching

PEHP Health Coaching will get you started toward developing habits that will help you to feel healther and have more energy. A health coach will work with you in a confidential partnership to design a personalized action plan and provide education, encouragement and accountability along the way. Wee'll be there to get your started, monitor your progress and celebrate your success. PEHP Health Coaching is for members, spouses, and dependents age 6 and older. 

Fitbit Orders

The next Fitbit order will be in the fall.


Please contact: Christine Hanks at, x2252.