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Science Division Seminar

The Science Division Seminar is a wonderful opportunity to come and learn both from our faculty and guests to the college about a myriad of topics in the sciences and mathematics.

We have an amazing faculty who enrich us with great presentations from the human microbiome to the mathematics of quilt making. We have also had incredible outside speakers who have taught us about current nuclear research and given robot demonstrations.

For Outside Presenters

We are welcoming outside professionals, professors and even graduate students to come and speak to us. If you are in this category and would like to present, please send an email to email address for this person. See the schedule for times that are still available.

The seminar is designed for a general audience. The presentation must be filled with mostly motivation and yet enough rigor to spark the interest of your audience. Any scholarly topic in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics is welcome. This is an excellent opportunity to share what is important to you with others: it could be the inspiration that someone needs. It is also a good opportunity for academic and professional recruiters as well as for those who need practice speaking about their discipline to a general audience.