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Undergraduate Teaching in Biology

Division: Natural Science and Math

Department: Biology

Course: BIOL 2450

Title: Undergraduate Teaching in Biology

Description: Undergraduate Teaching in Biology is offered to students that are interested in acting as teaching assistants in biology laboratories or in assisting in the preparation of cadavers for anatomy laboratories. Students will participate in some, or all, of the following activities: read assignments related to labs taught, review and discuss topics in the discipline, assist in laboratory preparation, and assist in the teaching of biological laboratories. Students in this course must have successfully completed the course to be taught and have the consent of the instructor. This course is repeatable for credit.

Courses Taught Fall 2022

2450-001W5:30 pm-6:20 pmBosshardt, Greg M.
2450-003T5:30 pm-6:20 pmDunn, Craig R.
2450-2005:00 pm-5:00 pmJohnson, Heidi K.

Courses Taught Spring 2023

No courses to display for this term.