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Student-run radio at Snow College. Playing 24 hours a day.

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Some History

KAGJ-FM was the first non-commercial radio station in the state of Utah. Joseph Crane, after returning from World War II, had an interest in broadcasting and filed the license for an educational (non-commercial) FM station at Snow College. Over the next 35 years the station was on and off the air periodically due to a lack of funding and/or supervision.

Until it’s revival in the spring of 1994, Snow College had not had a radio station since 1978. Due to the time that the station was was not operating, a new license had to be applied for with the FCC. The application was filed on 6 October of 1992 and the construction permit was granted on August 19, 1993. After financial backing from President Day was obtained, equipment was purchased and engineering was provided by Douglas Barton of KMTI, KMXU-FM and KSVC radio.

The first day of official broadcasting was started on April 4, 1994 at 6:30 am. KAGJ was originally located on the second floor in the communication building on the north side of the Crane Theater. This building was demolished in 1998 and the KAGE was moved to the basement of the Varsity House.

The move to the main floor of the Varsity House in January 2000 provided the Kage with many opportunities including new furniture, more ventilation, better sound quality and a great view!
The Kage then moved to Fern Young and the Varsity House was demolished to make way for the new Library. The Kage is now located in the Humanities Building. The move to the HU Building also provided an improvement to the tower location and more power. We also changed frequencies to 88.9FM. In the summer of 2019 the Kage started live streaming and has place content on an app so the Kage can go everywhere you do! Look for the link to the Radio FX app above.