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What You Can Expect

If you sign up for a calculus class, a biology lab, or a sociology section, you generally know what to expect on day one. But what about Foundations? What can you expect? What will you be learning about?

Each Foundations class has a different topic from zombies to American protests to baseball to food. The classes are offered by a team of teachers who collaborate with each other and work with you to explore the topic from different academic angles.

However, the class is not simply about these exciting topics. Foundations is named for its significance in your general education program. In studying your class topic, you will also:

  • Learn about making connections between what you study in one class with what you study in another. This will help as you take different classes for your GE requirements.
  • Practice the communication, teamwork, and reading skills needed to succeed in college and in your career.
  • Reflect on your goals and make a personalized educational plan to make the most of your time at Snow and beyond.

What Will I Do in Foundations?

  • Connect
  • Learn
  • Plan
Foundations Class
Foundations Class
Foundations Class