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 Snow College Communication Scholarships

The Communication Department has several performance based scholarships available for students interested in working for the KAGE radio station, Snowdrift newspaper, or Forensic Team. All scholarships are awarded based on GPA, performance, and commitment to their respective communication area. Interested students should contact the following people:

 Because our class sizes are some of the smallest in the state, our professional, diverse professors are able to give individual attention to all of their students. We ensure that each student majoring in communication has the opportunity for individual as well as classroom growth. All credits obtained from our department are fully transferable, and since Snow's tuition and living expenses are some of the lowest you'll find in Utah, that makes us the best value in education around.

Gary Chidester, Kage Radio

Sandy Cox, Snowdrift Newspaper

Snow College Communcation Department, Humanities Building, 220 E 100 N * Ephraim, UT 84627