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 Snow College Communications Journalism

The Snowdrift: Let Your Voice Be Heard' is Snow College's reputable college newspaper. The quality of our paper is astounding and is completely produced by students attending Snow College.

Advisor, Sandy Cox leads a team of editors, managers, writers, photographers, advertisement specialists, and production members who create a weekly edition of brightly illustrated, engaging journalism. Each paper deals with unique student issues at Snow College and notable national or worldwide events.

Students interested in journalism can enroll in the following course selections: media writing (COMM 1130); Newspaper writing 1st year (COMM 1900); and Newspaper writing 2nd year (COMM 2900, COMM 2910). These classes are designed to give hands on experience reporting, writing, editing, and critiquing news, editorials, and columns. Sandy will even accept student involvement from Snow College's general student body even if they aren't taking any communication courses in the journalism program. This gives students in all academic backgrounds the opportunity to develop vital communication skills regardless their major.

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