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Radio Performance - 2nd Year

Division: Fine Arts, Comm, and New Media

Department: Communications

Course: COMM 2880

Title: Radio Performance - 2nd Year

Description: Students contribute to the Snow College student station, KAGE-FM. This is a senior staff level class, which provides leadership opportunities to 2nd year staff members. Lecture and lab situations combine to provide students with the background and skills required to meet the needs of the radio communications industry. Students are exposed to to both analog and digital studio systems, including digital multitrack production techniques. Work may include station management, announcing, production of promos, public service announcements, underwriting, news or sports reporting. Students will learn to create and organize a professional-quality radio portfolio consisting of a broadcast aircheck, production samples, resume, and related materials. Emphasis will be placed on voice, performance and adapting to an audience. (Additional fee required)

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