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Introduction to Mass Media

Division: Fine Arts, Comm, and New Media

Department: Communications

Course: COMM 1500

Title: Introduction to Mass Media

Description: This course is an introduction to the nature of media and its relationship with the individual. The course teaches students to analyze, assess and evaluate popular culture, literature, and media. It includes a focus on various mediums including literature, radio, television, film, books, newspaper, and advertising to assist students in looking at the big picture of how media affects their perceptions.

Courses Taught Fall 2024

1500-N014281Taught OnlineCox, Sandra Y.
1500-0014036MWF10:30 am-11:20 amWest, Mckay S.
1500-1004297MW12:30 pm-1:45 pmCox, Sandra Y.
1500-2055980MW12:30 pm-1:45 pmCox, Sandra Y.

Courses Taught Spring 2025

No courses to display for this term.