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Certificate of Proficiency in Communication

The goal of the Certificate of Proficiency in Communication is to equip students with the top skills employers are seeking: exceptional presentation, speaking, ability to work in a team, customer service, critical thinking, and social media. This certificate prepares students to succeed in the contemporary workplace through a combination of courses that are designed to improve their competency at speaking, interpersonal relationships and working as an effective member of a team. Students will learn theory and practice in developing solutions to complex problems. Additionally, students develop proficiency in speaking and persuading with confidence and authenticity. Lastly, students will learn to communicate as a productive member of a team and to contribute thoughts and ideas on projects.

Course Prefix & Number Title
Required Courses
COMM 10101 Intro to Communications (HU)
COMM 1020 Public Speaking (FA)
COMM 2110 Interpersonal Communications
COMM 2150 Intercultural Communications (SS)
COMM 2300 Public Relations
COMM 2170 Organizational Communications

This certificate will give students a pathway to improve communication skills in many aspects of their life. Snow College has a promise to students to make student success Snow College’s #1 goal. This certificate is one way to help students succeed not only at Snow College but in future goals as well. There is also an interdisciplinary aspect of this course. A student will have the ability of looking at communications from a Humanities, Fine Arts, and a Social Science perspective. As they complete the certificate they will be taking some GE classes as well. This aligns within Snow College’s promise to provide students with the best general education programs. The structure of this certificate gives students the ability to take General Education classes with an focus on improving communication skills while completing a certificate of proficiency.