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 Faculty Development Committee

The spirit of faculty development manifests itself throughout the history of Snow College. Over the years the college has supported a strong set of faculty development practices. Since 1888, those existing practices, along with several newly inaugurated activities and programs, have been coordinated through a comprehensive Faculty Development program specially tailored for, and carefully designed to meet the changing needs of, the Snow College faculty.

The Snow College Faculty Development program provides opportunities for professional and personal renewal and growth to faculty in all stages of their careers. The program first creates a wide range of opportunities, and then provides the help faculty need to take full advantage of these opportunities. The faculty express their needs to the director and to the members of the Faculty Development committee, and they in turn design opportunities to meet these needs.

Above all else, the program is intended to create an environment of opportunity, an environment conducive to growth, revitalization and renewal.

Contact Information: 435-283-7250