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Industrial Manufacturing

You can work as a general manufacturing technician for processing, production, or in other manufacturing environments. The Industrial Manufacturing program prepares students to read and understand blueprints, make 3D renderings, operate precision machines, robotics, and automated mechatronics equipment. 
In Utah, the median annual salary for careers in Industrial Manufacturing is $42,620. After only one or two years, depending on your program or certificate, you will have the skills you need to begin a successful career in manufacturing.
The program is intended for students interested in working in manufacturing settings as a general manufacturing technician for manufacturing, processing, or other production environments. The Industrial Manufacturing Technology program prepares students to Design/ Develop, install, maintain, diagnose/troubleshoot, and repair complex and integrated manufacturing equipment/systems. 
This program is designed to give students a basic knowledge of maintaining and repairing a variety of machines and mechanical systems within manufacturing facilities. Through lectures and practical lab experience, students will learn the industrial manufacturing skills needed in today’s industry. 

Program Outcomes

Students who complete an AAS degree in Industrial Manufacturing Mechanics Technology will be expected to demonstrate that they have acquired skills/knowledge in the following areas:

Our experienced instructors ensure that your education won’t just come from a textbook, but from hands-on experience with high-tech equipment and methods. With flexible class times that will fit your schedule, it is easy to jump-start your career!