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Club Travel Requirements

Club Travel Requirements

All students from campus organizations, who are traveling for club or other college business MUST complete a travel packet (2) two weeks prior to their trip in order for the trip to be approved. A completed packet will ensure that the students are covered by the college insurance while participating in college-sponsored activities, including trips to conferences, competitions, and activities etc. If these materials are not completed and turned in for approval by the time the group leaves, there is a possibility that your trip may not be recognized by Snow College; therefore, putting liability on the travelers.
The items of the travel packet are as follows:

Conduct Waiver

This must be reviewed and signed by each member prior to traveling. Any member who fails to sign the conduct waiver will not be allowed to travel with the group. Please make sure that each member fully reads and understands the waiver prior to signing it.

Travel Plan

This provides detailed information about the trip such as destination, hotel location, conference name, method of travel, departure date/time and return date/time as well as overnight accommodations. Please make sure that you include proper addresses and phone numbers for all information. The travel plan must also include a list of the possible drivers for the trip.

Travel Information:

You must also include a detailed itinerary of conference, competition, or activity involved in your travel plans. In addition, hotel information must be provided including a rooming list. Note: Advisors may not share a room with students.

Non-Student/Family Travel:

If a non-student participates in club group travel, that person is not covered by the college insurance. It has been recommended by risk management that any non-student participant not be allowed to travel with student clubs. If a family member wants to attend a group conference/retreat, the non-student must travel on their own and meet with the group when it arrives, if approved in advance with the group advisor and Student Life Office. The non-student/family member, not the college, must pay for all their expenses.

Overnight Parking:

Overnight parking is discouraged in that the college is not responsible for any damage or theft of any vehicle left overnight. Please make arrangements to be dropped-off when your group will be traveling overnight.

Using Motor Pool Vehicles:

The college has several vehicles for chartered student groups to use for travel. All interested drivers must complete the on-line drivers training and return all required forms to Campus services. An additional training is required to drive the sprinter vans. Only certified drivers can reserve and drive motor pool vehicles.  

Other Regulations:

The college will only allow students, faculty or staff to drive Motor Pool vehicles. Advisors must accompany all club travel when using motor pool vehicles. College travel in large vans is limited to 12 passengers and in cars to 4 passengers (each passenger must have access to and wear a seatbelt). Travel in college vehicles is limited to the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m., which means under no circumstances may the club travel past midnight.
Clubs are also encouraged to check weather conditions prior to traveling and use good judgment in the case of bad weather. It is not worth getting home if it means putting lives at risk or attempting to drive in challenging situations.