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Badger Buzz

 Compliments from Colleagues

“Jessica and Scott were great at their ice-breaker game.  It was a fun way to start the fall assembly.  Props to those who participated too – Susan, Rob, Barbara, Cindy, Larry, Daniel, Andy, Brooke, and Nick, way to go.”

“I really appreciate Denise Duncan, Sara Golding, and Amie Anderson.  Denise helped and walked me through the financial aid process.  Sara and Amie got me through a lot of frustration.  AGAIN, THANK YOU!”

“Rachel Wade goes out of her way to help new students and their parents, like me.  We are new to this college scene, and she has been friendly, helpful, and responsive since our initial contact with your college.”

“John Stevens helped me with a project on very short notice.  I know they are busy in his office, but he made it work.  The posters looked great too.”


“Heidi Stringham has more positive energy than anyone I know and is a great example of Snow’s employees.  I am lucky to work with her every day.”

“Today was the best Move-In Day I’ve experienced.  The Snow Service Yard Sale was awesome. People really enjoyed it!  The tables at lunch were full and the traffic was stead all day.  My daughter got an Otter Pop and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Thanks to all of those involved in the day’s success.  Many sacrificed a Saturday to help today, and their dedication is appreciation.”

“Thanks to Jesse Bratton, Leslee Cook, Sam Steed, and Dan Black for their efforts with the new science building proposal.  They, along with Spencer Hill, Steve Hood, and President Carlston, have given numerous tours to groups who prioritize lists as decide which state buildings receive funding.  They represent us well.”

“Larry Smith again organized a fantastic orientation for new faculty.  He does this with little recognition, and his efforts should be known.  There were a lot of new faculty participating this year.  We welcome them too!” 

Board of Trustees Meeting Summary

President Carlston wanted employees to have a summary of the recent Board of Trustees meeting.  The group met on August 22, and highlights are below.  As a reminder, agendas and minutes for these meetings (as well as College Council meetings) can all be found on-line at

Strategic Plan Final Report: 
As indicated in communications to employees earlier this summer, Melanie Jenkins presented the final report to the Board. The trustees have been involved with the strategic planning process and have received periodic updates from task force co-chairs.  Board members asked questions and commended the college for a thorough, extensive report.  They were impressed with the work of so many and expressed appreciation for those who served on the task force, completed PPQs, attended forums, shared input, and helped in any way.  The final report was approved with a unanimous vote.  As you know, the report – and all other documents from the strategic planning process – can be found at

Fifteen-to-Finish Update: 
Craig Mathie provided an update on the state-wide initiative, ““Fifteen to Finish,” which encourages students to complete fifteen credits each semester.  He said the college has tied scholarship requirements to this goal, and reported that 42 percent of all students are currently enrolled in 15 credits.  He said while this percentage rate is much higher than the system’s 18 percent, the college will continue to promote the initiative and encourage all students to complete 15 credits each semester.  According to a recently completed survey, Craig reported students who take at least the suggested 15 credits are retained better and have a higher GPA.  You can watch a video clip about this initiative here:

Enrollment Report:

Beckie Hermansen was asked to share an enrollment report with the Trustees.  She provided a detailed historical sketch of enrollment numbers and said much of the College’s incredible growth has occurred in the past twenty years.  The provided chart highlighted the single greatest influence (among other influences) that have promoted growth.  A copy of her handout is available here: .

Housing Report: 
Jessica Siegfried was invited to the meeting to present a report on the current housing situation at the college.  She talked about past occupancy rates and perceptions and focused on current demands and student experiences.  As reported during Fall Assembly, she said all beds on-campus are full, and the group discussed plans for the future.  A copy of her handout is here:
Science Building Update: 
President Carlston told the group about recent visits to campus by the Regents’ Capital Facilities group and the State Building Board.  He happily informed the Board that our science building made the list – at #2!!  You can see the press release from the Commissioner’s Office here:
Alumni Association and Student Body Association Reports:
Alumni Association President Jeff Olson invited trustees to join alumni at Homecoming events the weekend of September 27, and Student Body President Chris Jenkins told the group of recent student activities.

Remarks from Regent Prince:

The Board of Regents’ assign two regents to our college as members of a “Resource and Review Team.”  We are fortunate to have Regent Robert W. Prince, from St. George, and Regent Marlin K. Jensen, from Hunstville as our assigned regents.  They are great advocates for us.  Regent Prince attended this meeting and said how impressed he is with the happenings here. 

125th Anniversary Book

Copies of the anniversary book were distributed after Fall Assembly.  The focus of the book is on our students, and the keepsake nicely portrays what we are all about.  If you did not receive your book, please contact Patsy Daniels (Richfield) or Marci Larsen (Ephraim).  The guest photographer, Wally Barrus, recently sent this message: 
Our Snow College promotional book, ”The Student,” recently won “Best of Show” at a competition. This is addition to the “First Place Award” our book won earlier in the University and College Division. The printer was especially excited because of all the books they have entered over the years this is the only one to earn “Best of Show.” There were hundreds of entries. The book won because of simplicity, photography, layout, design, clarity of message, quality of printing, etc. Congratulations to the great team who helped put the book together, specifically John Stevens, Marci Larsen, David Leach, Scott Wyatt, and Shirlene Barrus. The book has done us all proud at Snow College. Go Badgers!