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Compliments from Colleagues

I have been meaning to write for a while to share a positive experience I have had in working with Shaun Kjar. Over the past few months I have had the great opportunity to connect a few students who were interested in going to Snow with Shaun. He was always so great to work with them and answer their questions. One student's story is a great one. He has a great love and talent for music. He had auditioned and was accepted to the Berklee School of Music back East. However, his band teacher mentioned how great of a music program there is at Snow College. So I connected him with Shaun and after taking a tour he decided to attend Snow. His mom mentioned that she was impressed with the tour and the music faculty they met.
Marvin Dodge has once again created his all-inclusive, very informative "budget book" for this fiscal year.  When presented for approval, the Trustees were very generous in their compliments of Marvin's work, thanking him for putting the budget into an easy-to-read, understandable format and for being open and transparent with the budget process.  Many employees feel the same way.  Marv is quick to give credit to Spencer Hill for his assistance.  Thanks to both of them for the time and work they contributed to the detailed document.
Dan Black is good to send along notes which include student success stories. The latest one is here. Thanks, Dan, for your student (and PR) focused efforts.
A special thank you to SACCO for a tremendous dinner on July 11th. A special thank you to Jeremy, Alec, Dakota and Chante’ from Summer Fun for being available and bringing in activities for the children even with the rain.  A special thank you to Lizzy, Marci, Kathy, President Wyatt, Craig Mathie and David Dyches for a great breakfast on July 12th. A special thank you to the workshop presenters Lindsey Field, Russ Johnson, Allen Riggs, Rosie Connor and Gary Smith. And a tremendous thank you to the Staff Development Committee for their time and diligence in putting together a night and day of events for everyone: Lindsey Field, Diane Adams, Tom Adams, Lynette Olson, Leslee Cook, Bonnie Edwards and David Dyches. But most important THANKS TO YOU FOR ATTENDING. Hope you found it worthwhile. Until next year, may you remember “Each of us is intimately connected to the other, and in recognizing that connection, we are moved to greater service; to a more profound understanding, appreciation, and tolerance of one another; to an honest self-examination of our own attitudes and behavior; and to the building of community.” - Robert Greenleaf
I have worked here for a lot of years, and I never remember a president and vice president cooking and serving employees a meal. It was nice and very much appreciated. I think it says a lot about a leader who really is willing to serve.
Sherry Nielsen deserves a BIG pat on the back. She has done a great job getting people, processes, and things more organized in the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts, and during July she did so much extra work. She cooks and cleans when the Juilliard students and faculty come for camps, and this year her husband even came to volunteer and help. She works with a smile and is always happy to help however she can.
Kudos to Larry Smith for pulling together the first orientation for new faculty members. It isn't easy to juggle so many schedules, but what a great thing to do! A thanks, too, to Sauna Olsen for the suggestion and to Colleen Hermansen for helping with the details.
(Please send a quick note to Marci to recognize your peers. We want to let others know of the many good things our employees do each day. Thanks so much!)

Giving Prizes for Good Deeds

Last month's "Caught Ya" winner: Jesse Bratton * Two season tickets to the Theatre Department's 2011-12 productions

Welcome Back Week

Another academic year is about to begin. All employees are invited to participate in the following back-to-school activities:
- Lunch = August 18 at noon; Huntsman Library Terrace
- Fall Assembly = August 18 at 1:00; Huntsman Library Auditorium
- Lucy Phillips Celebration = August 18 at 2:30; Lucy Phillips Building
- Move In Day = August 20 (Ephraim) and August 22 (Richfield) from 11-2:00; Various Housing Units on campus
- Dinner (with a guest) = August 25 at 6:00; Wyatts' Home, 130 North 460 East in Ephraim

New Housing Project

The new dorm currently under construction will house 394 students in a unique environment. Click on the link below to see floor plans and other details.

See Additional Information

2011-12 Preseason Outlook

Coaches and staff in the Athletic Office share their preseason outlook. Go Badgers!

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Music Degree Presentation

President Wyatt made a strong case for Snow's ability to offer a four-year program in Commercial Music during a State Board of Regents meeting on July 15. The archived presentation and following discussion can be heard by clicking on Snow's portion of the meeting begins about thirty minutes into the recording. President Wyatt continues to meet and discuss this proposal with Regents, the Commissioner, and members of the Commissioner's staff.


Welcome, New Employees!

All new hires (since last August) will be introduced during Fall Assembly on August 18. We look forward to officially meeting all of you.