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"Caught Ya!" -- Compliments from Colleagues

Advisors in the Student Success Office stepped up to the plate (again!) when one of their colleagues was hospitalized.  Through a lot of team work - and a few bumps along the way - they were able to merge, print, sign, and mail nearly 1000 pieces of mail.  Their help was just another example of the personal concern we have at Snow.  Thanks, Andy, Jan, Barb, Sabrina, Katie, Susan, Lorie, Jacque, and Nathalie for what you do for our students and each other.
John Ruell is one of my very favorite people on this campus.  Whenever I call and ask a question, he responds within minutes . . . usually by bringing the information directly to my office. He is ALWAYS so pleasant and acts like it is no big deal, even when I KNOW he is busy with very important projects for upcoming audits, etc.
Jesse Bratton passed the Hazmat Operations certification class on his first attempt. Congratulations!
Jan Cragun will finish her Bachelor's Degree this month, and Barb Dalene finished her second Associate degree in April. Way to go, ladies! 
Coordinating hundreds and hundreds of students a week is a tough job. Keeping them all happy is nearly impossible. Marlo (Rice), Russ (Johnson) and their crew do an amazing job with the groups that come visit during the summer. They do an incredible amount of work coordinating groups and putting on events that everyone can enjoy.
The Student Success Advising Office recently took on an extra task of handling hundreds of graduation audits to help lighten the load on the Registration Office as it prepares for the implementation of the Degree Works programs. With the two offices working on the audits together, they were finished for those spring graduates in June, just the month after graduation, meaning our graduates got their degrees quickly. I think it is great to see the collaboration offered by the Student Success Advisors. The Recruiting Office works with them (as well as numerous other offices like Registration, Housing, Financial Aid, Student Life – the list goes on!) on collaborative efforts and in the end, the students are the winners. If you see Susan Larsen or one of her team, please tell them thanks for the help. If you see Margie Anderson or one of her team please tell them congratulations on getting the audits done and degrees awarded so early.  I had nothing at all to do with any of this. I just wanted to point out willing helping hands and a great collaborative effort.
While helping a youth group make special, last-minute arrangements, I contacted Jackie Black to see if the Huntsman Library Auditorium was an option for their movie viewing.  She was quick to call me back, confirm the reservation, and assure me that after-hours staff would be all-knowing about the technology in the room.  At 7:30 that night, I showed up to greet the group and make sure things were set.  Guess who was there, patiently waiting?  Jackie!!  Student help ended up not being available, and so Jackie had learned the system and covered the shift.  That was after her full day at work.  I am so grateful for Jackie’s service and dependability, and the group was very, very grateful for the kind hospitality.  Thanks, Jackie, for following through and helping our visitors have a positive experience with Snow.
(Please send a quick note to Marci to recognize your peers. We want to let others know of the many good things our employees do each day. Thanks so much!)

Giving Prizes for Good Deeds

As a reminder...
A great suggestion came from an employee: put the names of all of the "Caught Ya" recognitions - and the names of those submitting the compliments - in a hat each month, and draw out one lucky winner. We're going to give it a try. So, two things for you to do: 1) send in the good deeds of others (big things, little things, any positive comments are welcome) and 2) suggest prizes for the winners (season theater tickets, family pass to the AC for a month, dinner for two, sweatshirts, other ideas?). Thanks for the great suggestion; feedback is very much appreciated!

Last month's winner: Leon Stewart * The prize: Dinner for two

Aspen Institute Recognition

Snow was recently honored by The Aspen Institute as one of only 120 community colleges eligible for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. The purpose of the Aspen Prize is to "recognize community colleges with outstanding academic and workforce outcomes in both absolute performance and improvements over time. By focusing on student success and lifting up models that work, the prize will honor excellence, stimulate innovation, and create benchmarks for measuring progress." For more information visit

Music Proposal

Steve Meredith and Vance Larsen continue to work with the administration to create a proposal for a possible four-year music degree. President Wyatt will have the opportunity to introduce the idea to the State Board of Regents this week as he continues the "Snow College Mission Conversation," (as listed on the agenda). The proposal includes a Commercial Music - rather than Music Education - degree and combines the music world and the business/entrepreneur world. Updates will come later.

You are Invited

July 11-12 -- Professional Development Activity and Conference
Dinner will be served (for families too) on Monday night at 5:30. Tuesday will be a full day of learning, food, and fun. The day starts with breakfast at 7:30 at the Wyatts' home.
July 15-16 -- Juilliard Jazz Festival
"How to Listen to Jazz" workshop by Juilliard's Artistic Director of Jazz Studies, Carl Allen, at 7:30 on July 15 - Jorgensen Concert Hall
Concert, featuring six-time Grammy nominated vocalist Nnenna Freelon and Juilliard Jazz Faculty, at 5:00 on July 16 - Heritage Plaza
August 17-20 -- Welcome Back Week
Details will be distributed later. A highlight will be the Lucy Phillips Building Rededication Celebration on August 18 at 3:00. You are also invited to participate in the annual "Move In Day" on Saturday, August 20.

Welcome, Lisa!

Lisa Laird is the new Career Services Advisor. Her previous experience includes Economic Development Assistant for Cedar City, Assistant Director of Career Services for Southern Utah University, and Student Services Coordinator for Southwest Applied Technology College.  In addition, she has been an adjunct lecturer and advisor in the Communication Department at Dixie State.

With Sympathy

- We extend sympathy to Terry Lund from our Physical Plant crew. His mother recently passed away.
- Claudia Jarrett's husband also recently passed away. Claudia is our former HR Director, and we express sympathy to her.