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Badger Buzz

April 25, 2014

“Caught Ya!”
 Compliments from Colleagues

"LaFaun Barnhurst should be recognized for the many contributions she makes to the college. Most recently, she spent countless hours helping other employees prepare their PPQ documents. LaFaun also worked many, many late evenings on her own department’s documents. She serves on the GE Committee as well and is very responsible in preparing for meetings or reviewing material. Everyone who knows LaFaun knows that she can always be counted on to do high quality work and provide thoughtful feedback; she always completes her assignments and goes above and beyond to add significant value to her department and the college."

"The Advisement Office is one happening place.  I am glad I can go there, feel welcome, and get the help I need.  One student who is just sayin’ I am glad they are here."

"Joni Thomas is so helpful.  Always with a cheerful attitude, she finds ways to answer my questions and help with my special projects.  Please recognize her in the employee newsletter.  Thank you, Joni."

"During a lunch conversation I had today with one of the Facilities employees he mentioned this little story.  About two weeks ago when it snowed this particular employee was up at President Carlston’s house shoveling snow.  President Carlson came out of the house and visited with him and then before returning back into the house, the President mentioned to him know how much he appreciated what he was doing.  President Carlson then came out of the house again after five minutes and gave this employee a brownie.  The employee said, “When the President called me by name and handed me a brownie, I knew I was truly appreciated!”

"Have you seen the SnowTV video for the Suites?  Big, huge, loud shout out for the registration ladies and their willingness to give their all.  Great job, Margie, Jan, and Chrissy!"


It is definitely that time of year again!  Because this is a milestone year, we have ordered medallions for those who are marching.  Please come and support our students, and encourage your students to walk.  We have a few solid black robes for use if that’s the reason you aren’t participating.
Richfield’s ceremony begins at 1:00 on Friday, May 2. Faculty and staff need to line up at 12:30 in the Administration Building.  Lt. Governor Spencer Cox will address the graduates.  Following the ceremony, employees, students, and all guests can gather in the arena for a reception.
In Ephraim, the processional march will leave the Noyes Building at 9:30 am on May 3.  Participating faculty and staff should be on the 2nd Floor of the Noyes Building by 9:00.  You can grab a breakfast snack in the Heritage Room any time after 8:30 Saturday morning.  We look forward to hearing from Bob Trythall, who – as you know – is the commencement speaker this year.

Innovation Evening 

To conclude the 125th Anniversary, an evening of innovation has been scheduled for May 2.  Posters highlighting accomplishments of the year will be displayed in the lobby of the Eccles Center, and a concert featuring Kurt Bestor, Dan Hill, and our very own music students will begin at 7:30 pm.  A reception with yummy food will begin at 6:30pm. 

As a token of appreciation, you and a guest will receive two free tickets to the concert.  We want this to be a successful night as we celebrate you, our students, and our rich history.  Please see Sherry for tickets. If you have some successes to display, please let Marci know.  It would be good to showcase your great work. 

 Lorenzo Snow Awards Night

Another successful awards night was held on the Ephraim Campus in early-April.  Several faculty and staff were nominated by students for their service to and concern for students.  The list of nominees is below.  Cless Young was selected as the Faculty Member of the Year, and Annette Taylor received the Staff Member of the Year award. Congratulations to all!

Faculty Nominees
Amy Jorgensen
Ann Gardner
Bob Trythall
Brian Newbold
Britt Maughan
Cless Young
Daniel Balls
David Allred
Garth Sorenson
Jeff Wallace
John Fisher
Jonathon Bodrero
Luis Gordillo
Lynn Lindsay
Malynda Bjerregaard
Mel Jacobson
Mike Brenchley
Nick Marsing
Paul Gardner
Rachel Keller
Renee Faatz
Ron Lamb
Russ Johnson
Michael Seibt
Steve Meredith
Steve Peterson
Trent Hanna
Whitney Ward

Staff Nominees
Abby Gale
Allen Riggs
Andy Naylor
Annette Taylor
Armando Frutos
Barbara Dalene
Bob Wright
Brandon Wright
Carol Green
Donne Hewko
Fernando Montano
Heidi Smith
Jackie Beck
Jan Cragun
Jeanne Tripp
Jennifer Bigelow
Karl Kovac
Katie Larsen
Lesle Dodge
Lynn Anderson
Lynnette Olsen Graham
Marci Larsen
Michelle Brown
Shaun Kjar
Sherry Nielsen
Susan Larsen

Fall Assembly

Mark your calendars for August 13-15.  Details for Fall Assembly are still being confirmed, and information will be sent to you.  Move In Day will take place the Saturday before classes start; that’s August 16, and everyone is invited to come and welcome the newest group of Snow College Badgers to campus as they move into their new apartments.
In the meantime, happy summer!!

Emergency Prep Exercise

On April 21 the college conducted an emergency response exercise.  We simulated a point of distribution (POD) in cooperation with Central Utah Public Health to practice dispensing medication to head off an epidemic.  In 1 ½ hours we dispensed “dosages” to 410 students, faculty, and staff.  In addition many students, faculty and staff were involved in the planning, setting up, and conducting of the exercise.  A HUGE thank you goes out to Jake Dettinger, John Stevens, Dean Brereton, Christi Johnson, Brooke Allred, Matt Green, Derek Walk, Diane Adams, Leslee Cook, and Officer Bob Wright who played key roles in making the exercise a success. And we appreciate the great help of  the Physical Facilities staff, our Nursing students and faculty, Student Ambassadors, and many other employees. This exercise helped us learn how to be even better organized and prepared to respond to an on campus emergency.

Hoodstock 2014

The Richfield Campus just celebrated another terrific Hoodstock weekend event on April 18th & 19th.  An evening concert with a great tail gate party on Friday preceded a 5K race, a fantastic car show, BMX bike rider demonstrations, an Easter egg hunt and concessions on Saturday.  Hundreds of area citizens attended the event as families or as individuals.  We definitely reminded our community that the Snow College Richfield Campus is their hometown college campus.  Richfield Campus Relations Director Heidi Stringham was the event organizer and chair, and while she will quickly point out the hard work and efforts of many students, faculty and staff who put a huge effort into the event, Heidi’s energy and enthusiasm were key factors in the activity’s success.  Thanks Heidi and all of those who made this annual Richfield event such a success.

Email Lists

We wanted to let you know of options available for communicating amongst ourselves.  Please use these lists appropriately and with sensitivity.  We are a two-campus college, and it would be helpful to think of your audience before simply sending to “everybody.”  Hopefully this information, along with being cognizant of “reply” and “reply to all” actions, will improve message flow and distribution.  If you have questions about list creation or student email distribution, please contact Jennifer Bigelow.  You can also contact her if you would like to be added to a specific distribution list. 

Everybody – an automatically created list for every mailbox in the domain.  If you have an email account you are included in this list.  This would include generic mailboxes, etc. 
Ephraim – manual list for Ephraim faculty and staff (intended for Ephraim campus audience) 
Richfield  – manual list for Richfield faculty and staff  (intended for Richfield campus audience) 
Staff – all staff in Richfield and Ephraim 
Faculty – all faculty in Richfield and Ephraim 
ScrFaculty – Richfield faculty 
ScrStaff – Richfield staff 
Timereporting – list for supervisors that want to be notified of max hours report 
Leavereporting - list for supervisors that want to be notified of leave time report 
CGEStudyGroup – list to facilitate GE meetings and discussions 
TechTips – list to send tips and tricks for campus technologies

New Student Leaders

Following a very busy month of March with elections and interviews the 2014-15 student body advocates leadership team has been selected.  On April 17th the new team was officially inaugurated and is now making plans to begin a busy summer of team building, training, and planning for the year ahead. We look forward to a great year with this new student leadership team. They are:  Chris Jenkins, President; Tanner Linton, Vice President; Joe Elrey, Clubs/Elections Rep; Breanna Ray, Executive Assistant; Jordan Call, Service Rep; Charles Knaphus, Fine Arts Rep; Anthony Vea, Athletics Rep; Jordyn Earl, Academics Rep; Yisel Perez, Diversity Rep; and Student Body Officers Dani Okelberry, Jacy Holt, Armando Frutos, Antonio Jimenez, Collins Kabaira, Deven Larisch, Garrett Redford, Kaylee Broderick, Lexi Valdez, and Serra Bye.