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Compliments from Colleagues

Today we held our 35th annual Snow College Math Contest.  Over 550 junior high and high school students came on campus to compete for prizes and scholarships.  The faculty of the Natural Science Division, and the mathematics department in particular, did an excellent job in making it a success.  We'd also like to thank Bob Oliver, Mike Duncan, and their colleagues for helping get enough tables and chairs to the Blue Gym to accommodate the 300+ 7th - 9th graders.  Roger Watson also deserves a thank you for helping us get set up in time. Thanks too to Danon Jones and the testing center staff.  They also deserve a thank you for helping us pull of the math contest.
After a long day of tryouts on Friday Kevin John received a call from me early Saturday afternoon. I had come across a confused young girl who thought volleyball tryouts were Saturday instead of Friday. I was able to find Kevin's cell phone number and called him up at home. I was just hoping he could talk with the girl and maybe work out a time for her to come back, but without asking if the girl was any good and with no hesitation he came right over to the Activity Center. He called some of his players and worked with the girl for over an hour. Even though it was not his fault this girl was confused about the day, he was very nice and apologetic. The girl turned out not to be the greatest player ever, but instead of rushing her off Kevin took the opportunity to COACH her for a while and talk to her about taking the volleyball class when she got here. Because of Coach John's efforts this young girl left feeling good about herself and great about Snow College! Thanks for making a difference in this students life.
I would like to recognize Colleen Hermansen in the campus newsletter.  She has done such a wonderful job of minute taking over all these years, and most recently under very difficult health constraints.  I would like to have her work and long years of service recognized. Thanks, Colleen, for what you do.
Please recognize the following people who gave up an entire day to judge the Sterling Scholar candidates from our six county area in Richfield on Tuesday the 5th of April: Kip Larsen, Marlin Mason, Amy Jorgenson, Sandi Cox, Michelle Olsen, and Michael Medley.

(Please send a quick note to Marci to recognize your peers. We want to let others know of the many good things our employees do each day. Thanks so much!)


Commencement is only two weeks away, and we hope you plan to participate.
For Ephraim, faculty and interested staff should line-up in the Noyes Building by 9:00 on Saturday, April 30. Mr. Spencer F. Eccles will speak and receive an honorary degree. All graduates and families will gather on the lawn (east of the Student Center) immediately following the ceremony to meet and mingle with faculty and staff.

The Snow College Richfield Graduation Exercises will be held on Friday, April 29, at 1:00 P.M. in the Sevier Valley Center Theater.  Line-up for the graduation march from the Administration  Building to the Sevier Valley Center will begin at 12:30 P.M. in the east hallway of the Administration Building.  Utah State Senator Ralph Okerlund will be the guest speaker.  Everyone attending will enjoy a finger food buffet following graduation on the arena concourse thanks to the Culinary Arts Department.

Eighth Grade Career Day

On Tuesday, April 12, 2011, over 1,300 8th grade students representing all middle schools in the Central Region (Juab, Wayne, Piute, Sevier, North Sanpete, South Sanpete, Tintic, and Millard) attended the Career Day  held on the Snow College Richfield Campus.  The event was organized by Darlene Wabel, the Central Region Pathways Coordinator.   Students were exposed to a full venue of events filling the Sevier Valley Center arena floor and CTE shop areas of the Washburn Building, with additional presentations in the faculty parking lot and the Sevier Valley Center parking lot.  Events provided the opportunity to explore approximately 60 different occupations, including such things as medical, emergency services, Air Med, firefighting, law enforcement, search and rescue, plumbing, electrical, welding, machine shop, collision repair, culinary arts, diesel, automotive, building construction, computer information systems, nursing, cosmetology, drafting, architecture, business, TBSI, wildlife management, library, mining, equipment operators, and numerous others.  The activities included hands-on experience and information in each of the areas.

A huge thanks is expressed to all who participated, especially those employees from the SVC staff, all Richfield faculty, participating Ephraim faculty, student ambassadors and other campus organizations and leaders, custodial/maintenance  crew, administration and staff, and numerous outside vendors who invested time, effort and money to support this event.   It was a great team effort for a very successful day.

Welcome Back Week

Before we know it, summer will be over and it will be time to begin another semester. Faculty should plan to meet on Wednesday, August 17, for academic meetings. The College-wide lunch and assembly will be held on August 18. Please hold the dates and plan to attend. More details will be sent later -- after we actually enjoy the warm summer months!

Alumni Success

Dan Black recently took his students on a field trip. They met up with alum Jacob Hedelius, who is involved with scientific research at BYU. The Science Division would like to "honor Eric Hedelius for having kids that come to Snow and then do great things at other places."

The Social Science Division also shared Stacie Durrance's success. She is a a CTE instructor at Centennial Middle School and recently received the prestigious "Golden Apple Award." She has also been voted teacher of the year for quality teaching and for her work with a program for needy children and Reality Town. Stacie is the daughter of Jan and Kim Cragun, both Snow College employees.

New Hires

The HR Office and many search committee members have been busy! They have interviewed dozens of individuals, and offers have been accepted for the following positions: Jon Cox - History; Rachel Keller (Ephraim) and Kevin Holdsworth (Richfield) - English; Janalee Jeffries (Richfield) and Jennifer Hansen (Ephraim) - Math. There are still faculty positions in Math, Music, Education, and ESL to be filled and several staff positions as well. A complete list with brief bios will be distributed once all hires have been made.