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Compliments from Colleagues

The following employees completed the 24-hour College Emergency Response Team training during Spring Break: Jesse Bratton, Lynn Anderson, Steve Crosland, Bill Jensen, Becky Adams, Armando Frutos, Leslee Cook, Chalyn Francis, Tim Dolan, Sherry Nielson, Matt Green, Preston Bown, Jennifer Quarnberg, Nick Marsing, and Lawrence Durtschi.

A big thank you is given to the participants and their supervisors for supporting our efforts. We also want to thank Ernie Williams and Jennifer Quarnberg for all their efforts as instructors for the CERT course. Bob Oliver also helped with the Fire Suppression Safety Unit. Without these people and the support of their managers, this course would not have happened. Thank you! (And a BIG thank you to Bob Wright for organizing the training!)
Each year the Science Division honors members of the staff who have been particularly helpful to them.  This year they honored Colleen Hermansen and Lynette Olson "for all the amazing things they do to help us." The honorees were invited to the division Christmas party and presented with a certificate and a small gift.  We are told, “Colleen and Lynette are really great people to work with and we were happy to have them join us." Congratulations, Colleen and Lynette, and thanks to the scientists for recognizing the efforts of others.
The Student Academic Committee recently chose six faculty members to recognize for their excellence in teaching. Mike Brenchley, Kent Bean, Brad Olson, Mel Jacobson, James Tatton, and Russ Johnson each received a dinner and movie certificate from the student committee.
As you know, everyone recently received two urgent pleas for help via e-mail. Need #1: a wheelchair for a Snow Blast student. Lindsey Fields jumped into action, found a wheelchair, and the student was happy. Need #2: a chaperon for the rugby team's trip. President Wyatt answered the call and spent his weekend in Idaho with a group of grateful students. Many others called to give suggestions and do what they could to help. It's nice to work at a place where employees go out of their way to help our students have a good experience. That's what we're all about. (Speaking of the rugby team trip, I've learned many staff in the GSC gave last-minute help verifying eligibility, securing transportation, and taking care of various other details. Thank you. And, a special thanks to Chrissy Ray for her after-hours, weekend work to help the team.)
During Spring Break there were about 15 Snow College employees who sacrificed their spring break (faculty) and their more productive times (staff) to be CERT trained. These faculty and staff were trained so they can be ready to respond if there is ever a disaster here on campus. I think it was selfless and noble of these people.
(Please send a quick note to Marci to recognize your peers. We want to let others know of the many good things our employees do each day. Thanks so much!)

Personal E-mail

All employees are encouraged to create a personal e-mail account for personal e-mail messages. As most of you know, there are multiple, free options. If you have questions or need help creating an account, Ron Bradley would be happy to assist you. His extension is 7084.

Snow Growing Different Than Most Colleges

Recent enrollment numbers for Snow may not have been easy to follow, mostly because Snow's growth is much different than other colleges right now. Snow continues to grow by leaps and bounds in post-high school, full-time students (up 7.47 percent in the Fall and 4.74 percent in Spring) while head-count numbers are flat.

Snow grew by 255 post-high school students, while there were 237 less high school students in the fall. The change has a lot to do with changes in high school graduation requirement which make it difficult for students to take some of the concurrent and dual enrollment classes they have in the past.

New and Updated Policies

Several policies were e-mailed to all employees in December. Comments were collected and reviewed by the College Council. That group made a recommendation to the Board of Trustees, and our governing board has now approved all of the policies. A brief summary is below:
- Personnel Policies: Minor changes were made to the funeral leave, sick conversion, overtime, EEO, sick leave, vacation leave,and reduction in force policies. They will be updated here.
- Business Office Policies: The environmental impact and gift/awards policies were approved without changes. The substantial change in the travel policy involves per-diem rates. Employees traveling on College business for a day-only trip will be responsible for their own meals. Also, a vice president authorization is now required if employees seek reimbursement for a meal where only employees are eating. Staff in the Business Office can gladly answer questions you may have when implementing the policy changes.
- Advancement Office Policies: All of the policies were approved as presented. Of specific interest to employees may be the donor recognition policy and the office procedures policy. If you are interested in raising funds or seeking grants, please review the documents and visit with the Advancement Office staff prior to taking action. They want to help you succeed, and the newly-adopted policies will be very useful.

Legislature, Strategic Planning Committee, College Forum

The Legislative Session wrapped up on March 10, and the process for implementing legislative expectations and budget cuts is about to begin. The College-wide Strategic Planning Committee will begin a series of meetings this week. You can give your input to any of your representatives. Committee membership includes academic deans and senators, College Council and Cabinet members, and a few "employees-at-large."

Additionally, an Ephraim Campus forum will be held on Monday, March 28, at 12:30 and 4:30 to summarize happenings at the Legislature. All are invited to attend. A similar forum has been held on the Richfield Campus.

Department Demo

The Communication Department did a great job showing off their stuff! Thanks to Malynda Bjerregaard for organizing the demonstrations, and a note of appreciation is given to other faculty members involved. There were so many fun things to see -- including a sketch of the floor plan for the soon-to-be-relocated radio and television studios.

The Biology Department is up next. Please leave your desk for a few minutes, head to the Science Building, and learn a little more about what happens there. You can even eat a little treat. Details will be e-mailed soon.

With Sympathy

Susan Burdett's mother recently passed away. As you know, Susan is one of our English faculty members; we extend our sympathy to her.