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Badger Buzz

February 20, 2014

“Caught Ya!”
 Compliments from Colleagues

"Way to go, marketing guys.  I didn’t like the orange at first, but I have to admit it is growing on me.  The consistent look is nice.  They are working overtime."

"Sherry Nielson doesn’t have an easy job, and she is always so happy.  She is great to help with students, tickets, and faculty issues.  Thanks, Sherry."

"I am new to campus, and I wanted to thank the college employees for welcoming me in such a positive way.  The friendly smiles and offers to help have helped me feel right at home.  This is a great place to be teaching!"

"Craig (Mathie) is such a great boss.  I appreciate the way he includes all of us.  Please let others know how wonderful he is."

"I appreciate the improvements made in the cafeteria.  The remodel looks great, and the food is really good.  Not sure exactly who to thank, but they changes are awesome."

Students Making a Difference

Students in the Leadership and Professional Development class in Richfield course must donate 10 hours each toward a group service learning project.  After talking to their Machine Tooling Technology instructor, Alan Hart, one group decided to build a part that fits an insulin pump.  One student said, “Alan’s daughter is diabetic and he told us that the clip on the back of the pump is faulty and breaks easily. But you can't just buy the clip you have to buy the entire pump and they are about $7000 a piece (yes three zeroes). Alan told us that he has already had several requests for a replacement part. We will be building 40 of the clips and donating them to the hospitals/people in need. We will also save the program so that in the future more clips can be made and donated if necessary.”  Very cool idea.  Thanks, Alan, and thanks to Lisa Laird for promoting a service-minded student body.

Updated Directory and App

John Stevens are crew are in the process of creating a new and improved Snow College app.  You will have immediate access to calendars, admissions, news and – possibly most exciting for employees – a directory.  This will be kept current and replace the printed booklets from days gone by. 

We would like to have current pictures of employees for the app.  Ephraim employees should stop by the Scandinavian Room (of the Noyes Building) for a quick picture and check of accurate data.  David will be set up on Monday, February 24, from 1:00 – 4:00, on Tuesday, February 25, from 10:00 – 1:00, and immediately following the Staff Development lunch on February 26.  A photo shoot is also being scheduled for Richfield on February 27.

Again, this is our new Snow College Tools directory and will be helpful in searching by name, department, or building.  We hope we have accurate information and ask for your help.  You can smile for a picture and look at the information we plan to upload.  Here’s what the new app will look like: 

The Conclusion of 125 Years

To conclude our 125th Anniversary celebration, a great concert has been scheduled.  Kurt Bestor, Don Hill, and our orchestra will take the stage on Friday, May 2.  Additional details will be shared as the date gets closer, and we hope you will plan to attend.

Basketball Tournament

The NJCAA Region 18 Tournament will be held at the Horne Activity Center February 27- March 1.  You can get tickets by visiting and watch an advertisement here:

 Snow Blast

This weekend, the Admissions Office will host nearly 250 students at their Snow Blast – and they have a waiting list of students hoping to come.  These weekend events give prospective students an opportunity to see what life as a Snow College student is really like.  The student Ambassador team shepherds high school junior and seniors through a variety of activities, and they have a good time.  We know that students who actually have an on-campus experience with current students are much more likely to choose Snow College over other colleges or universities.  Staff in the office would love to have faculty and staff drop by for any of the Snow Blast activities, and if you do – they will give you a nice, free Snow College t-shirt.  You can read more about the visits here ( and see a sample agenda here (  If you can’t stop by one of the Snow Blasts, it would be very helpful if you would say hello and make prospective students/parents feel welcome when you see Ambassadors leading daily tours through campus.  Thanks for your help in our recruiting efforts.

Legislative Update

Commissioner Buhler is posting updates on legislative activity pertaining to USHE at  President Carlston and Rick Wheeler are spending a lot of time on the Hill lobbying for our cause, and we will have the “final results” once the session ends on March 11.