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Badger Buzz February 2013

February 15, 2013

"Caught Ya!" -- Compliments from Colleagues

The IT guys were recently in Lorie Parry's office, and while there they discovered that Lorie has personally admitted 100,000 students to Snow College. One hundred thousand students! Go, Lorie!
I was in a meeting a few weeks ago, and Brad Taggart made a pitch for every employee being a recruiter. He said he strategically chooses his wardrobe if he is going to be out of the area and promotes the College by wearing a branded shirt or jacket. He said nearly always he has the opportunity to talk to a former student or recruit a new student. I was impressed with his willingness and boldness is sharing what Snow College has to offer.
Big shout out in the Buzz to John Stevens, David Leach, Lawrence Durtschi, and anyone else involved with the new web page, please. Hours and hours and hours of work. Good job!
I know that the effort to operate overload pay in Banner has been a challenge. I just want to say that for the first time since 2006, I have been able to run a faculty workload report and capture overload information in less than 10 seconds (all via Banner). Previous efforts were by hand and took up to an hour or so to collect and place in a spreadsheet. Kudos to Christie (Allred) and her hard work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Lynn Lindsay visits local schools with the College's inflatable planetarium. He does a great job with the kids, and he also puts a prominent Snow College banner on the outside of the dome so kids will know where it came from and where they should go to college. Thanks is also given to the Division for providing the opportunity to enjoy the sky dome experience.
We (The College of Southern Idaho) were fortunate enough to host the region volleyball tournament at CSI. In planning this event, we wanted to be able to broadcast the games to those parents, and community members from all over the world who would not have a chance to attend the event at Twin Falls. I  have been trying to work with our IT department here at CSI to come up with a plan to find available broadband capacity and the tools needed to broadcast. Hitting a dead end, I called AD Robert Nielson to ask for his assistance. He put me in touch with Gary Chidester. Gary agreed to bring his crew and equipment up to Twin Falls to help us with this broadcast. I was very happy with the result. Gary and his two student crew, produced a broadcast and helped to train us at CSI on the equipment and methods needed to move into this new area to our campus—live broadcasting. He was able to talk to me about his class, and his goals for his students. And in talking to the students, I was able to see two very motivated individuals who saw these classes as direct links to jobs and careers within the broadcasting field. You could tell Gary was a quality leader, a good role model and most importantly, a quality teacher. I think the program he has going there at Snow College is valuable and one that we could only hope to replicate someday. I appreciated his care and his skill in producing a quality product and in helping us see the worth in what he has created there. His students are very fortunate in that they will have a direct link into a booming broadcasting market. And your college is reaching many through these broadcasts and through the student produced content in his classes. We appreciate our partnership and working relationship with AD Nielson and with Gary and hope that this connection can continue to grow. Thanks for allowing us to have his services for the weekend and in helping us move forward into the world of technology.

(Please send a quick note to Marci to recognize your peers. We want to let others know of the many good things our employees do each day. Thanks so much!)

Lorenzo Snow Awards Night

You may recall the Lorenzo Snow Awards Night, a tradition started a few years ago. The goal of the event is to recognize faculty, staff, and students who have excelled this year. You are encouraged to nominate students for a number of awards. A summary of the awards and the nomination form can be found at www.snow/awards. Please take a few minutes and help honor the many good people at Snow College.

Legislative Update

The Legislative Session began the last week of January and ends on March 14. If you are interested, you can listen to hearings live here, browse through archived meetings here, or read the weekly summaries created by the Commissioner's Office here or here.

On the Air

On Sunday, February, 17, at 7:30, another episode of "Discovery Road" will air. This segment focuses on the performing arts and Maude Adams, one of the highest-paid stage actresses of her time. Rumor has it she acted here in Sanpete County, and it will be fun for viewers to see local landmarks and Snow College in the spotlight. Tune into KJZZ Channel 14 on Sunday night and/or read more here or here.

Accreditation is Reaffirmed

You received an e-mail from President Wyatt sharing this good news, but the commendations are worth repeating:
"The Commission commends Snow College for an outstanding group of faculty, staff, and administrators who have a spirit of optimism and who are very dedicated to maintaining the rich heritage and strong traditions of the past along with a commitment to educational excellence in thesix-county service area. In addition, the Commission commends the College's faculty for their passion for teaching and their caring commitment to every student's success. Moreover, the College benefits from the beauty of its campuses and the quality design and building of a new residence hall, library, and fine arts building that provide a transformative and effective learning environment. Further, the Commission applauds the students of Snow College for their enthusiastic passion for the College, acknowledgement of a quality education, engagement in the College, and commitment to the mission. Lastly, the Commission finds noteworthy the College's national recognition by the Aspen Institute and CNN Money for the exceptional completion rate and transfer success of its students."

125th Anniversary Kick-Off

 Mark your calendars for May 3, 2013. We're bringing back the baccalaureate program, remembering the past, and hosting various era-specific, fun activities. You won't want to miss this!


 Gettysburg Seminar

Snow College is hosting a seminar this summer in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. This four-day seminar will be held in Ephraim from August 6-9, and will feature three of our nation's premier scholars on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era.
Guest faculty for the seminar include the following individuals:
- Allen Guelzo, Professor of the Civil War Era at Gettysburg College, where he directs the Civil War Era Studies Program and is the author of six books on Abraham Lincoln
- Harold Holzer, Metropolitan Museum of Art Vice President, National Humanities Medal winner and author or editor of 43 books on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era
- Mackubin Owens, American military historian and professor of national security affairs at the US Naval War College and the author of three books and numerous articles on a broad range of topics from national security affairs to civil war battles

Please share this information with high school teachers, counselors,and administrators you may know. We hope to have a crowd!