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Compliments from Colleagues

An old college friend of mine that attended Snow at the same time I was here just enrolled her oldest child in Snow starting this semester.  She contacted me in a panic about financial aid concerns for her daughter.  I knew I could ask Sara Golding for help. I called Sara and left a message with her on Friday.  On Monday Sara called me back, was already aware of the situation and gave me wonderful news that it was all resolved.  Sara went the extra mile, like I'm sure she always does, researched a few things, and was able to bring peace of mind to my friend and her daughter. Speaking to Sara on the phone (and in person) is like eating fine chocolate, it's just very sweet!  Anyway, I wanted to recognize Sara's efforts in helping students with the complex world of financial aid and allowing this student to stay at Snow when she otherwise would have left because of financial difficulties.  Way to go Sara!
During a Faculty Senate meeting late last Spring, faculty members discussed the need to assess our general education program. When asked who wanted to lead the charge, there was a long pause, followed by Jeff Carney stepping up to spearhead the efforts. He and his dedicated committee members have been meeting Friday mornings at 7:00 am this fall to advance that process. Thanks, Jeff, for helping with this important assignment which is critical to the accreditation process and our college success.
As I drove down College Avenue very early on a Saturday morning, I noticed a lot of activity as employees were getting ready to welcome students back to campus. I first saw Bryce Warby heading into the Noyes Building to do what was needed so students could receive their checks. Greg Dart was at the corner of 100 North and Main hanging up a welcome banner. As I thought about the dozens of employees (all kinds -- behind-the-scenes like Bryce and in-front-of-the crowds like Greg) who sacrificed a Saturday, I was reminded of our employees' commitment. Thanks to all who participated in any way to help make "move in day" a success.
David Allred has done a remarkable job with the Honors Program in his first few months as the new director. This semester more than 80 students are participating in the Honors Program, with all of the honors sections successfully enrolled. Great work, Dr. Allred!
I noticed a basket full of food on Barbara Dalene's desk a few weeks ago and asked about its purpose. Her response: "Some of our students are starving. They know they can come here and get something to eat." After probing, I learned that Barb and others in the office personally stock the basket - and freely give the goods to destitute students - because they care. Thank you, Barb and friends, for meeting an unspoken need.
Susan Burdett was informed recently that her short story "Aftershock" was awarded 2nd place in the Utah Arts Council's literary contest. Congratulations on a job well done. Our students are fortunate to learn from the best.
(Please send a quick note to Marci to recognize your peers. We want to let others know of the many good things our employees do each day. Thanks so much!)

Giving Prizes for Good Deeds

Last month's "Caught Ya" winner: Sherry Nielson* $25 for dinner for two

New Trustees Named to Board

As you may know, Snow College has four new members on the Board of Trustees. Scott Bushnell, Sam Cardon, DeVere Day, and Jim Shank all took their oath of office on Friday, September 30. During the same meeting, Theressa Alder was elected as Chair of the Board. Trustees who had been serving - and whose terms expired on June 30 - include the following: Tim Barney, Jessie Pace, Holly Penrod, and John Willmore.

Employee Directory is On-Line

Julie Cox in the IT Department is in the process of creating and updating a new extension list for all employees. You can contact her if you'd like to change any information, which is currently published on the website. She will distribute the newly-compiled document once all available information has been received. The directory page of our website is updated often and is a great resource.

2011 Employee Campaign Kicks Off on October 10

The Snow College Advancement Team is excited to announce the kickoff of its 2011 Employee Campaign. This fundraising effort gives employees the chance to make a contribution to Snow College and impact the lives of our students. By giving to the Employee Campaign, you do more than help build our campus - you transform lives! This is a scholarship campaign, so every dollar goes back to help our students. Our campaign goal is $75,000, but more importantly, we want participation from every employee. If each Snow College employee (full-time, part-time and adjunct) pledged just $4 per month through payroll deduction, we could achieve this goal.

We will host a kick-off event next week where you can learn more. Our employees give so much of their time and talents to the College every day to make a difference in the lives of our students.  No matter what your role here is, your personal dedication sends a powerful message to the community and other funders.  Our dedicated and talented employees help make Snow College stronger and allow us to provide our students with an exceptional education. Choosing to donate to the Employee Campaign says that you believe so strongly in what happens at Snow College that you are willing to support it above and beyond your everyday work by making a gift. We sincerely thank those employees who are currently contributing. Feel free to contact the Advancement Team with any questions you might have.

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Need a Phone Book?

A company delivered a large stack of phone books for the Provo/Orem area a few weeks ago. Please stop by the Mailroom in the Student Center if you'd like one. Or, call Kathy Cherry at 7264, and she can send one to you via campus mail.

Sanpete's Got Talent

This is a chance for you, your students, your friends, or your family - anyone living in Sanpete County, really - to win $500. The first annual "Sanpete's Got Talent" will be held on November 12. Registration forms are due by October 31. More information will be available via the web at