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"Caught Ya!" -- Compliments from Colleagues

Sincerest thanks are extended to all the employees at Maintenance/Facilities for helping with Roger Johnson's WWII display in the Social Sciences Building on the Ephraim campus. They are always willing to help no matter the issue. Thank you for all you do and thank you for making our campus beautiful!
Over the last couple of days as I was getting stuff together for the Entrepreneurship Seminar, I found myself (the admitted "techno idiot") without tech support to be sure that the equipment in the Huntsman Library auditorium was up, running, and working properly for the speaker. Alan, who usually handles this, is out of town. Our usual backup person is also out of town. I tried emailing several others, but received no response. So today I head up there at 11:30 hoping against hope to find *someone,* ANYONE who could help. I couldn't locate Scott Pratt. No one else who was around knew anything about the system. Finally, I asked Shawn Lindow if he might be able to help. Shawn didn't really know anything about the system either, but he quickly left his desk and came to the auditorium to at least look to see if he could figure it out. When he was unable to do so, he said he would get right on it and diligently worked to locate Scott Pratt while I attended to other things that needed to be done. Through Shawn's persistence, Scott was finally located, and came to help, got things up and running, then showed me what needed to be done (should I find myself in this position in the future). Shawn didn't HAVE to help. But he willingly (and very gallantly, I might add) left his own work to help find someone who COULD help me. I was SO relieved! As was the speaker! This isn't the first time Shawn has gone above and beyond his scope of responsibility, and I SO appreciate his "can do" attitude and assistance. I also appreciate Scott Pratt's help on short notice.
Patsy Daniels is an employee who never stops running! She does a nice job juggling many duties, and I appreciate her. Even with her many responsibilities, she ALWAYS takes time to help whenever there is a last-minute need. Whenever I talk to her, she's bound to ask, "What can I do to help?" and she never seems "put out" with my requests. Thank you, Patsy, for caring about others and being willing to help.

( Please send a quick note to Marci to recognize your peers. We want to let others know of the many good things our employees do each day. Thanks so much!)

Plan to Attend the Huntsman Library Dedication

Monday, November 1, will be a great day for Snow College. The Huntsmans will be in Ephraim for the library dedication, and the Erastus Snow family will make a gift presentation. The ceremony will begin at 1:30 p.m. on the Plaza; a reception and tours of the building will follow. In Snow College tradition, a “human chain/fire bucket brigade” will assemble at the old Lucy Phillips Building to transport books to the new Huntsman Library. Come and join the line-up!

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Ag Day a Success

Snow College Agriculture continued their 30+ year tradition of hosting the annual FFA Field Day competition for high school students on October 5, 2010. After three decades of organizing and hosting the FFA Field Day, Jack Anderson turned the reins over to Jay Olsen. Thank you, Jack, for making this a great experience for so many high school students for so many years. Thanks, too, to Jay Olsen and the Ambassador Team for their involvement this year.

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Snow's Best Dance Crew - Show Your Stuff!

You are invited to gather up your friends and get ready to dance! This fun event, sponsored by the Dance Department, will be held on Tuesday, November 9. Let your colleagues see your stuff!

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Two New Employees - Welcome, Robert and Selma!

Soon you will see two new faces around our campuses. Rob Nielson has been hired as the Athletic Director, and Selma Jorgensen is the new Administrative Assistant for the President's Office. Please join us in welcoming them to Snow!

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Speed of Trust Book Discussions

The HR Office is once again leading book discussions. Remember this is work-related; you just need to discuss your attendance plans with your supervisor. So, you get paid to talk about good stuff with your friends. Oh, and lunch is included too. Good deal, huh?!?

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Improved Changes for On-line Pay Stubs

In an effort to improve service, the HR Office has teamed up with the IT staff to make on-line pay stubs easier to read and understand. Specific steps for accessing the improved information are included in the link below. Good work, Ernie (Williams), Christie (Allred), David (Dyches), and Jim (Kittelsrud)!

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