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Residents should be aware that response activity is part of a drill 

April 8, 2011

Contact: Greg Dart
Snow College
435-283-7154 (office)
435-340-0514 (cell)


EPHRAIM - Emergency responders and other agencies throughout Sanpete County are teaming up for an emergency preparedness exercise the morning of April 16.

That day a simulated school shooting will occur at the Snow College Noyes Building. Responders from local ambulance associations, law enforcement agencies, hospitals and college and city officials are involved.

“This is a large scale exercise and something that can help prepare us for things we hope to never face,” said Bob Wright, Snow College Director of Public Safety and coordinator of the exercise. “These kind of exercises can be extremely valuable in making us as prepared as possible.”

Residents should be aware that response activities that morning are scheduled and planned. Signage will direct people from areas that are affected by the drill, mostly on College Avenue between Main Street and 200 East in Ephraim and near the Sanpete valley Hospital in Mount Pleasant. Exercise activities will occur from about 8 a.m. to noon. 

Anyone with any questions about the exercise can call 435-283-7154.


EDITORS AND REPORTORS: Please call Greg Dart at 435-283-7154 if you wish to cover or participate in the event.