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Contact: Greg Dart
Snow College Director of Communications
Phone: (435) 283-7154

October 5, 2009

EPHRAIM - Fall enrollment numbers released today show Snow College with 24.4 percent more full-time students than one year ago.

In the largest year-over-year increase ever for the college, Snow moved up to 4,368 total students and 2,947 full-time equivalent students between its two campuses, 578 more than last fall.

“We’ve seen the bulk of our new students from counties where they could stay at home and go to school more conveniently,” said Snow College President Scott Wyatt. “They are coming here because they recognize the great value and quality education they can receive at Snow College.”

The fall enrollments show a 50 percent increase over one year ago from students from Utah County, a 35 percent increase in students from Salt Lake County and a 100 percent increase in students coming from Cache County.

Snow’s increase is not alone in the state. Each of Utah’s nine colleges and universities has seen increases in enrollment for 2009, ranging from 4 to 25 percent. As a state, the Utah System of Higher Education has 12,632 more students than a year ago, about 9,001 more full-time equivalent students.

Snow’s numbers are particularly notable in that the growth has come from traditional, residential students. By choosing to move to Ephraim or Richfield to attend college, students are not likely driven to Snow by the economy, but rather the tradition of excellence Snow provides, Wyatt said.

This marks the third straight semester of increased enrollment for Snow, with increases of 11 percent in Spring 2009 and 4 percent in Fall 2008.

Over the past year, Snow College has launched a statewide media campaign with an "It's SNOWing" message, highlighting students' successes while at and upon leaving Snow College.

The increase marks Snow’s largest enrollment ever, topping the old mark of Fall 2006 by nearly 200 students. The increase also accounts for 6.4 percent of the full-time equivalent increase for the State of Utah, while Snow makes up only 2.8 percent of the state’s total students.