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Valedictorian, other honors recipients named for Snow College graduation

April 25, 2009

EPHRAIM — Four students have been named as honors recipients for Snow College graduation: Celeste Wouden (Mantua) as Valedictorian, Paige McGuire (Provo) as Salutatorian, along with Laura Christopherson (Clinton) and Jacob Porter (Centerville) as Outstanding Citizenship Recipients. Each recipient will be participating in commencement exercises on May 2.

Celeste Wouden has a diverse portfolio in both academics and athletics. In addition to maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout her Snow College career, she has served as president of the Dead Cats Society and played for the Lady Badger Basketball team. She will attend Brigham Young University next fall, where she plans to major in nursing and nutrition to become a healthcare professional.

Much of her success, she said, can be attributed to Snow College. “Some of my life’s most defining moments have taken place in Snow’s classrooms,” Wouden said. “The outstanding professors and their courses have been challenging and caused me to stretch mentally beyond what I thought possible.”

Paige McGuire is an accomplished music major. She has sung with the A Cappella, Community and Cadence choirs, and has had a solo performance in every concert this year. McGuire will head to Utah State University in the fall to pursue a double-major in both music and exercise science.

Though she recognizes that her time spent in music has been the fulfillment of a passion, McGuire feels the need to help others maintain their health through exercise and nutrition. She plans to eventually become a personal trainer or exercise instructor.

“I've learned how important it is to keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy,” she said, “and I want to help other people realize that.”

Laura Christopherson has served as the first president of the new Alumni Council, which also puts her at the head of the Student Alumni Association. Throughout her tenure, Laura has overseen the resurrection of several lost Snow College traditions, like the maintenance and lighting of the “S” on the mountainside.

In mentioning these achievements, however, Laura is quick to point out that none of them could have been accomplished without the support of her student team. “I'm amazed that we've been able to come this far,” she said, “but we did it because we came together and worked hard.”

She will attend BYU in the fall, where she plans to study Recreation Management and Youth Leadership.

Jacob Porter has worn a few different hats at Snow College since he started attending in 2007, most recently as an administrative intern in the Noyes Building. There he’s had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the college president and run odd jobs for administration officials.

In the past, he has served as co-president of the Pancake Club—a pancake-making social organization which at one point had the second-highest attendance of any club on campus. He also plans to attend BYU, where he will major in business in hopes to eventually become involved in business administration or operations management.

But no matter what hat he wears on campus or where he goes to school, Porter considers Snow College to be the place that granted him the opportunity to make a difference.

“Opportunities are provided at Snow to any student that wants them,” he said.