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Feb. 24, 2008

LDS Living

EPHRAIM - Chante and Célèste Wouden, sisters from Mantua, Utah, had a thrilling experience this past week as they were treated to a five-day stay in Los Angeles during Oscar week and saw their creation air to millions of people all over the country.

The contest was to create a 30-second commercial for Dove®’s new line of body wash. Célèste, who attends Snow College in Ephraim, Utah, heard about the contest, and was immediately interested. “I had never heard of an ad competition for amateurs before, so the opportunity of participating in it intrigued me right away . . . so I headed home from college for the weekend to join efforts with my older sister in brainstorming, creating and filming a Dove® Ad.”

As much as they enjoyed the experience, they cannot say that it was easy. Working with a broken video camera that broke down at least once, and filming in a house that was inconveniently active, Chante “recorded the voice over in her closet while sitting on her laundry basket since that was the quietest place the house.”

The pair discovered that making a 30-second ad is a lot harder than it may seem, but in the end, they had a product they were proud of. The concept behind their ad is familiar to many women. With busy schedules and siblings and children around, the Wouden's don’t have much time to shower in the morning, but, according to their ad, Dove® body wash makes the time they do have into a little bit of everyday luxury.

One of more than 3,500 submissions, the sister’s commercial was up against some tough competition. The two finalists’ ads were shown early during the Academy Awards show, and audiences voted from home via the Internet and texting, and in the end, the Woudens’ ad came out on top.

In addition to their 5-day trip, the sisters received an $1800 prize and, of course, a basket of Dove® products.

When asked what message she would like to share with other women, now that she’s a part of the Dove® campaign, Célèste says, “Judging our beauty by only our looks is like watching a 3D movie without wearing 3D glasses because beauty is multidimensional. As women, we are so much more than our shape, our size, our age, our hairstyle, or our physical imperfections. We need to look at everything that makes us beautiful such as the size of our heart and soul, as well as our integrity, character, interests, abilities, words, actions, and inner strengths. These are the many dimensions of beauty that make each one of us unique—not to be compared with anyone else.”