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2005 Total is Highest yet in Benson’s Tenure Except for 2002 when Eccles’ $1.5 Million Gift was Received

EPHRAIM, Utah—March 13, 2006—Snow College today announced that $1,208,140 were raised in 2005 – the third straight year that the total has increased. Snow brought in $885,267 in 2003 and $1,097,700 in 2004. Only the $1,889,735 raised in 2002 surpass 2005 totals.

“The second highest annual total is a significant milestone for the College – especially considering that the previous annual high included $1.5 million from the Eccles Foundation,” stated Michael Benson, president of Snow College. “That money was used to construct the spectacular Eccles Center for the Performing Arts.”

Annual development totals have skyrocketed nearly 500 percent under President Benson. In the five years prior to Benson’s tenure, Snow averaged $263,733 per year. From 2002-2005, Snow has averaged $1,272,813 per year.

At his inauguration in 2003, Benson outlined his vision for Snow College and introduced “FPASS” to students and faculty – an acronym for facilities and faculty, programs, athletics and student scholarships. They represent areas of focus and are broken down each year as fundraising priorities. In 2005, over $528,000 were raised for student scholarshipse and over $500,000 were raised for facilities.

“While we’ve been fortunate to secure money for bricks and mortar, I’m pleased with the scholarship donations we’re receiving,” said Benson. “We dropped a little this year but we’ll continue to make it a focus.”

Snow raised $284,940 in 2002 towards scholarships, $348,827 in 2003, $635,178 in 2004 and $528,118 in 2005. While the growth is significant, the College could use much more in scholarship donations.

“We’re thrilled with the generosity of so many but we can still use much more. We don’t have the large endowments that other colleges and universities do so we invite existing and new donors to establish endowments or give annual scholarships,” explained Benson.

In 2006, Snow will receive a $500,000 gift from Jon and Karen Huntsman – the first installment on a $2 million pledge to the Karen Huntsman Library. Benson and other Snow officials are lobbying the State Legislature to secure the funding necessary to move forward with the design and construction of the library. The project has gained momentum and increased support because the $22 million price tag is offset with funds Snow has raised - $2 million from the Huntsman’s, $1 million from Sanpete County, $100,000 from Ephraim City and $200,000 from the federal government.