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Snow College Food Services Honored

Director recognized as “Golden Coach” 

Ephraim, UT – At an awards banquet on Tuesday, November 17, Snow College Dining, employees at the Badger Den, and Food Service Director Annette Taylor were honored by receiving two Workperfect Gold Business Awards. 

These awards, given to individuals and businesses that support and advocate for meaningful employment for people with disabilities, are presented by Workforce Services and the North and South Sanpete School Districts. 

Snow College Dining was recognized for their work in advocating for people and disabilities and offering many employees and students, regardless of their abilities, the opportunity to work in a competitive field. 

Annette Taylor received the Golden Coach Award for her patience, understanding, and love for her employees of all abilities. The presenter is quoted as saying, “Annette is one of those people that makes Sanpete a better place!" 

"The thing about these kids is they bring you back to reality," said Taylor. "They find such joy in their jobs and the tasks they accomplish. We have so many small things that we worry about in life that just aren't that important, and I learn from them every day how to be truly happy and find more joy in the small things in my life!" 

The banquet took place at the Greenwood Student Center on the Snow College campus. Attending were representatives from the Utah Governor’s Office, many local government and business leaders and those who were recognized that evening, including Gunnison Market, Terrell's Market, and Sanpete Valley Hospital in addition to Snow College. 

ABOUT SNOW COLLEGE Snow College, founded in 1888 by Mormon settlers, is a two-year college with campuses in Ephraim and Richfield, Utah. Serving 5,000 students, the college has been nationally recognized for its student success rates, affordable cost-for-value, involvement opportunities, and exceptional teaching.