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Our team

Title IX Coordinator

Staci Taylor, Title IX Coordinator, Risk Manager
ude.wons@rolyat.icats | 435.283.7120

Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Zachary McEntire, Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Risk Manager
ude.wons@eritnecm.yrahcaz | 435.283.7257

Civil Rights Investigator


Title IX Deputies

The College has designated the following deputy Title IX Deputies to aid in coordinating Title IX compliance:

  • Sinapati Moe, Multicultural Advisor
    ude.wons@eom.itapanis | 435.283.7658
  • Ian Spackman, Residence Life Coordinator of Operations
    ude.wons@namkcaps.nai | 435.283.7308
  • Heidi Stringham, Director of Operations and External Affairs Student Services
    ude.wons@mahgnirts.idieh | 435.893.2246
  • Cidney Shinsel, Employee Relations Specialist| 435.283.7043


Training Materials for Title IX Personnel

The Title IX Office values training. Title IX Coordinator, Investigators, Deputies, as well as potential Hearing Panel members engage in yearly trainings to find better ways to help Snow College’s students and employees. The Trainings come from a variety of sources to broaden the education of the Title IX personnel. The following trainings have been taken by the Title IX personnel.

The Materials posted on the website are proprietary and copyrighted. If you have questions regarding trainings taken by the Title IX Office, please contact our office here.