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SnowFun Preparing


We expect that youth participating in conferences on our campus show respect in every way while they are here. It would be impossible to make a list of all the rules to define such behavior.   However, we know that your youth are well aware of the limits and definitions for courteous behavior. You are a guest on our campus, and we hope that you will treat it as such. 

There are definite laws and rules that are upheld by campus security, maintenance and the housing offices. Violation of these rules will result in either eviction or fines (see the Damage Fine List in our Policy and Proceduressection under Housing Policies).

Be aware that you will be sharing our facilities with other conference participants and Snow College students, making it doubly important that you respect the needs of everyone. We hope that you will enjoy your stay, as well as contribute to a pleasant experience for everyone.


Dress should be in keeping with the standards outlined by your organization.   If you allow your participants to wear shorts, please make sure to define the acceptable length. When participating in Snow Follies your participant should wear something that can get wet.   Advise participants that white and light color T-shirts may be see-through when wet, so please choose an appropriate color. Many choose to wear swimming suits with shorts and t-shirts over them.

Dress for the ropescourse should include pants or shorts and T-shirts that are comfortable. Closed-toe shoes are required; no sandals, or open toed shoes will be allowed. We also strongly suggest low pony tails/french braids for long hair so the helmets will fit properly and to help keep hair out of faces. Be aware, participants will get dirty at the ropes course.

If you are participating in a pageant or outdoor evening event, please be aware that we are at a higher elevation than most groups are used to. Our temperatures can drop significantly at night, so please come prepared with sweaters, sweatshirts or blankets, as well as with insect repellant. Dress for dances and hosted Firesides is Sunday casual.

*The following two pages should be copied and handed out and reviewed by your youth and chaperones and reviewed prior to attending youth conference.


Much of the success and safety of a youth conference depends on the quality and supervision of the adult chaperones. Your involvement can truly add or detract from the experience your youth are having. Make sure that you are well aware of the goals your organization has outlined, as well as the activities outlined on your customized agenda. The following is a list of suggested responsibilities to help make your conference a success.

Your support and positive attitude will go a long way with the success of your conference. Please listen carefully to the instructions your SnowFun Host gives and then be an example of following those instructions, not questioning them. Your youth will follow your attitude and example. In all honesty, the most common challenge we face is when the youth follow a rowdy or negative example of a chaperone.

Before coming, make sure to meet with your youth and define your plans and expectations with dress standards and behavior.   Youth will be much more supportive if they understand up front what to expect and what is expected of them.

Please attend and participate in all of the activities with your youth. This provides an opportunity for you to build friendships, be an example, and watch your group for leadership, team building, and teaching moments.

Chaperones are responsible for keeping track of your youth and their behavior at all times (including at night).   Our Youth Counselors are here to help direct and teach activities, they cannot be responsible for discipline as well.

Chaperones are responsible to make sure that your youth keep curfews as well as respect all facilities.

Any damages will be paid by your organization, so please help your youth be respectful.

Please help the youth you are chaperoning be prepared to dress appropriately for all activities. Checking this before you leave the dorms will help avoid delays in departures or scheduling.

If you have any concerns or questions, please ask your SnowFun Host privately, not in front of the group.

We suggest that there be at least one chaperone for every 6-10 youth in your group.

When checking out, please check under beds and throughout the entire room for any forgotten or lost items.

Please keep to the agenda and make your rotations promptly. There are other groups on campus that will be using our facilities at the same time as you, or shortly thereafter.

Things to Bring: 


Housing Rules 


Packing List