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SnowFun Policies

SCHEDULING – Agendas on the website are sample templates, not to be confused with your customized agenda created just for your group. A customized draft agenda will be emailed to group contacts by the end of March. Be sure to review agenda for correct dates and program. We anticipate changes and tailoring to meet your group needs. However, we ask that those decisions be made well in advance and before the April 1st deadline. Contact the SnowFun Office if you have any questions or requests for changes or updates. Make sure you approve your draft agenda on or before April 1st, after which time, we are unable to take requests or make changes. If Snow Fun does not hear from you by April 1st, we will assume that you are good to go with the proposed agenda and your agenda will be final. Also, we reserve the right to make changes, alter times, locations and activities as needed to accommodate multiple groups.

We ask that your leaders/youth be mindful that you may be visiting our campus at the same time as 8-10 other groups and groups can have 30-400 participants. Because of this we CANNOT accommodate last minute request or changes. The April 1st deadline gives us time to plan and schedule all groups. Your consideration of this and the needs of all groups using our facilities are always appreciated.

Please be aware that your Snow Fun Host CANNOT make or accommodate any last minute changes in meal times, housing, or activities, as there are no last minute changes available. It is your group contact’s responsibility to arrange changes well in advance and by the April 1st deadline.


HOUSING – Snow Fun Housing includes our new “Suites at Academy Square”, older overflow dorms, as well as nearby apartment complexes that let us reserve their facilities. See your customized agenda for your housing assignment. Most of the off campus housing have three bedroom apartments with two twin beds in each bedroom, sleeping six to an apartment. The Suites on campus have three bedroom apartments sleeping 7 in twin beds and four bedroom apartments sleeping 9 in twin beds. Bedding is not provided in any of our dorms or apartments. You MUST BRING YOUR OWN BEDDING for twin beds, sheets, blanket, pillow or a sleeping bag. Housing does not provide bedding, towels, etc.

Templates for assigning beds in the "Suites at Academy Square" will be emailed to contacts by mid-May. Snow Fun will assign your group enough apartments/beds for the number of girls and boys given on your final count sheet. You are responsible for assigning bedrooms/beds for your group. It’s advantageous for you to do this before arrival. During Kick-off your Snow Fun Host will go with you to check-in to housing and give you an envelope with room keys for you to distribute. Your Snow Fun Host will go over housing rules, and damage costs. Please consider carefully the assignment of chaperones to your youth, keeping within the guidelines of your organization. You will be responsible for chaperoning during the night hours as well as during the day.

Cooking is not allowed in the dorms. Apartments have a refrigerator that can be used. Pay special attention to some of the fines below for damages and inform your youth and adults that any damage done to our facilities will be charged back to your group, being deducted from your initial deposit (a complete list is available upon request). Most groups that come are very respectful. However, we are always disappointed to find that some cause considerable damage. Dorm hours must be observed with all youth in their apartments from 11 pm to 6 am. Only exception is during the Manti Pageant dates and we ask that groups coming back from pageant go directly to their apartments as quietly and respectfully as possible.

Damage Fine List: Lost Keys $35-$95 each
Screen damage $65 per screen
Broken windows $150  
Recharging Fire Extinguisher $100
Fire Alarm tampering $600
beds/furniture moving $150
Damages to appliances, replacement cost
Damage to walls/doors $125
Excessive cleaning $100  


MEALS – Your meals and meal times are assigned per your agenda. All meals are prepared in our campus cafeteria and served buffet style on the patio under the big canopy. You can eat your meals on tables set up on the patio, or inside the cafeteria or in the Greenwood Student Center Commons area. Buffets are well rounded for each meal of the day and most are able to find something they can eat. Seconds are available after everyone is fed.

There is a Dietary Needs form online and one will be emailed to contacts in May.  If anyone in your group has special dietary needs, this form must be filled out and emailed to Donna Birk on or before May 1st.  If received by the deadline, the cafeteria will accommodate those needs. There is a gluten-free table for only those who require this dietary need for all meals.

Otherwise, let your Snow Fun Host know at kick-off of any special needs and the cafeteria will do the best they can. Also, note that your group must be accompanied by your Snow Fun Host at the front of your line for all meals. Hosts must check your group in before anyone in your group eats. Please have your groups come to meals together so no one is left without a meal.


ACTIVITY PARTICIPATION - We have been fortunate in the past to only have a few accidents or minor injuries at our Youth Conferences. However, we must always take every precaution and prepare for safety. With this in mind we strongly suggest that you be well aware of the insurance and liability coverage your organization provides for youth and adults. We expect both youth and adults to participate in all activities. This is a special time for youth and their adult leaders to get to know each other and build lasting relationships.


PERMISSION FORMS – Permission to Participate Forms, aka Waivers are available on our website both for Adults and one for Youth, and will be emailed to group’s contacts several times. Please copy this form for the number of Adults and number of Youth you bring to youth conference. Everyone, both youth and adults that will be on Snow Campus needs a signed waiver. Each person at kick-off must have their completed waiver in hand to give their Snow Fun Host in return for a Snow Fun Wristband. Wristbands must be worn at all times while on campus.   Wristbands will be checked at meals, activities, and the dance. Anyone participating at Snow College must have a signed Permission Form, or they MAY NOT participate.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this, so make sure this is addressed well in advance and taken care of before your arrival. Bishops/Stake Presidents are not authorized to sign youth waivers unless they are their own children.

Chaperones for your group will be expected to model responsible and safe behavior and require the same of their youth while on Snow Campus, LDS Institute and during all activities and meals.

The Snow Fun Staff is great and they are provided to host activities, give instruction, guidance and information. They are not here to discipline or supervise unruly or rowdy behavior. Again, leaders please participate with your youth.

In the event of an accident or injury we refer all participants to the IHC Clinic in Ephraim, 525 N. Main, Ephraim, UT 84627, 435-283-4076. Or in case of an emergency to: Sanpete Valley Hospital in Mt. Pleasant, 1100 South Medial Drive, Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647, 435-462-2441. The Hospital is right off Highway 89 on the South end of town. All expenses for any medical care or follow-up visits are the responsibility of the injured party.

The location of all Snow Fun Youth Conference activities are on the Snow College Campus, LDS Institute and YSA Stake Center except the Ropes Course which is approximately three miles up Ephraim Canyon. It is the groups’ responsibility to transport their participants to and from the Manti Pageant and the Ropes Course.

LDS BUILDING USE POLICY - A Priesthood Representative from each group will be responsible for their group events (Devotionals, Firesides, Testimony Meetings, Dances, Movie under the Stars, etc.) held at the Institute and/or YSA Stake Building.  This representative can be the Bishop/Stake President or an assigned priesthood leader.  Upon arrival, your Snow Fun Host will introduce your representative to the Institute Director or a member of the office staff.  The priesthood leader is responsible to make sure that youth and leaders show proper care and respect for these dedicated buildings. It is important that the adult leaders are involved and monitoring their youth during all activities.  The stake or ward is responsible for any damages caused by their ward/stake members.