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SnowFun Planning

By now you have made the decision to come to Snow College for your Youth Conference. We think that was a great decision! But where do you go from here?

In working with Youth Conferences over the years we have noticed some things that make a youth conference more successful and meaningful for the leaders and participants.   The following are only suggestions, but we hope that some of our observations may be helpful to you in your planning.

Get your youth involved and listen to their suggestions. 

You can do this by forming a Youth Conference Committee which includes selected adult leaders as well as youth representatives from each ward (at least one Young Man and one Young Woman).

 Outline your goals and then choose a theme for your conference. 

As a committee, discuss the goals you hope to achieve or focus on at your youth conference. With goals outlined you are ready to choose a theme, activities and workshops that will help you achieve your desired outcome.

A theme will give your conference continuity and helps you stay focused on your goals. You might choose a theme as a committee or solicit ideas from the youth in your organization. This theme could apply to something that has happened recently in your area, a talk that was particularly impactful, or an upcoming event that you may want to highlight. This theme can then become the basis for your activities, workshops, and can be reinforced by your keynote speakers, etc.   Another idea for incorporating your theme may include having a contest to design a logo focused on your theme.

Design and print booklets or agendas for each participant which includes: Your agenda for each day, with the names of your workshops, etc., including a song or cheer to support or reinforce your theme and help to unite your group. You might want to include, a map of Snow College, reminders of rules, standards and dress code, and blank pages for note taking or journal entries.

Design and have printed T-shirts with your logo on them. (These could be coded by color for different wards or age groups)

Come and visit us at Snow College. 

Just let us know if any part of your committee would like to come and visit with a coordinator, and tour our campus and facilities at any time during your planning.  We will be happy to help you gain a visual image of how your conference will come together and exactly what is available for your use. Group Contact orientation and tour - TBA in spring.