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SnowFun Leader Info

Dear Youth Conference Contact/Leader,

Thank you for choosing Snow College for your youth conference. We hope you have a rewarding and FUN experience here. Your customized agenda will be emailed to you by the end of February.  If you don’t receive it, please call 435-283-7167. Following is additional information many of you may need, including youth conference guidelines, instructions and a commonly asked question & answer section.

If your group’s contact person changes, please forward all the information you have received to them and notify our office of the change. We need their address, phone and email. We are excited to host your event and look forward to seeing you this summer!

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How many people per room in housing? Typically, two per room- three rooms per apartment.
  2. Do you assign specific dorm rooms to specific people in our group?  No, we provide the housing with the number of male and female beds/rooms you reserved, but you determine who stays where.
  3. Will you confirm with our group when final payment is received?  No, if there is any kind of problem with your reservation, I will inform you immediately.
  4. Do we have to reserve our own rooms for speakers, etc.?  No, we will reserve all rooms for firesides/devotionals, and/or workshops.  But remember, you are responsible for providing your own speakers and programs, unless otherwise notified.
  5. What if we have one or two more participants come?  We love to have more participants. However, the extra(s) may be sleeping on couches instead of beds and at the same price as everyone else. Housing is assigned when you give us the guaranteed final count on or before April 1st.
  6. Do the hosts stay with us through the night?  No, you have to provide your own night-time chaperones.
  7. What time can we check in and check out?  Please adhere to the times on your approved schedule. We are booked solid through June, so it is imperative that each group follow their customized final agenda.
  8. Is there an evening curfew? Yes, it is 11:00 pm, with an exception for pageant nights.  Pageant night curfews would be as soon as you get back from the pageant, usually around midnight.
  9. We reserve the right to adjust scheduling in order to coordinate all the groups we have coming to Youth Conferences at Snow College.  We appreciate your understanding; we want everyone to have a wonderful experience at Snow Fun.

Financial process questions cannot be answered by your host or any student staff.  You need to contact our office. 

Donna Birk, Assistant Director
SnowFun Summer Programs
(435) 283-7167 or email Donna at   email address for this person