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SnowFun Activities

Mormon Miracle Pageant

If your group schedules early and comes the 3rd or 4th week of June, you will want to attend Utah’s largest outdoor dramatic presentation with over 150,000 visitors annually. You are responsible for travel (7 miles south) to and from pageant. The pageant is free of charge. Gates open at 6 pm with the pageant beginning at dusk 9:15). Also see Castle Valley Pageant information on last page of activities. For additional information:

Badger Blast Games

A collection of unusual games where everyone can participate and enjoy a snocone; Games are played on a rotation basis and might include:

Tandem Bikes
Rip Tag
Dodge Ball
Spike ball
Knocker balls
Rockwall (pageant dates only)
Giant Twister
Human Uno
Inflatable Obstacle Course
Bungee Pull
Giant Dice Game

Mini Road Show Skit Activity

Participants are in groups of about 6-8; each group is assigned a value, a stipulation, and given 2-3 props. Groups get about 15-20 minutes to prepare the skit, and between 3-5 minutes to present their skits to the whole group; at least one adult per group.

Honesty, Charity, Loyalty, Service/ Good Works, Reliability, Knowledge, Individuality Choice and Accountability or Choose the Right

Present your skit as a TV game show; you must act out everything in your skit like a soap opera; One person in your skit must be an animal (noises included); you must all be superheroes or villains in your skit; present your skit as an infomercial; your skit must be a musical (everything must be sung); your skit must take place in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Everyone in your skit is over eighty years old, living in a nursing home; your skit is a western, or must include pirates; your skit takes place in Hollywood, some must be celebrities.

Snow Follies

Snow Follies is a series of different water/field relay games played on a rotation basis. You’ve never played games like these before. This water-oriented activity concludes with a massive water fight. Games include:

1. Sponge Launch
2. Crab Soccer
3. Squirt bottle name game
4. Inflatable double runner
5. Big Slide
6. Fire Hydrant
7. Leaky Faucet
8. Sharks and Minnows game
9. Slip ’N’ Slide
10. Hamster Wheel
11. Sponge Duck-Goose (2)
12. Tug of War
13. Pitch Burst
14. Cotton Candy

Youth Dance Party

Your youth will have a neat opportunity to meet other youth from around the state. Snow Fun will host a dance with a combination of about 200 participants @ Greenwood Student Center (or Outdoor Plaza, weather permitting) with a local DJ. If a dance isn’t available while your group is at Snow; you could teach line dancing, etc., we’ll arrange the space.

Ropes Course - Optional

Ropes Course Challenge at Badger Mountain is just a few miles up Ephraim Canyon (you are responsible for transportation). Your group will experience the team-building adventure activities of our rope course. The rope course is a series of individual and team events that are constructed with climbing ropes, cables, poles, and more. The stations vary in heights in the trees and on the ground. Your group will experience the thrill of accomplishing numerous low and high events that emphasizes trust, teamwork, communication, leadership, problem solving and more. Supervised and run by trained and responsible staff. We hope our course will be a challenging and safe team building, faith promoting, learning experience for your group.

Directions: In Ephraim on Main Street, go to 400 South and 300 East; take the Canyon road going south, the roads turns east and you head up the mountain. Go about a mile past where the oiled road ends. A Snowfun staff will direct you where to park. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the ropes course. Please bring drinking water, bug repellant, and sunscreen to the ropes course. Also, if you are scheduled for a full-day, bring your own sack lunch. Please wear closed-toe shoes; no sandals or flip-flops allowed.

Waivers: Each participant in your group will have to have a Snow College waiver to participate. You can locate the waivers at: Type “Snow Fun” in the search box, then click on “Information”, then on “Waiver”. Please print copies for all participants, fill out and have the appropriate signatures. Those waivers must be presented to one of our Snow College leaders before the participant can start the ropes course.

Firesides, Devotionals & Testimony Meetings

Firesides will be hosted and provided by Snow Fun. Dress for Firesides and dances is Sunday casual (boys: button-up shirts, slacks - girls: skirts or dresses; sandles or dress shoes for both). Check your customized agenda to see if you are scheduled for a Snow Fun Fireside. Devotionals are on your own. We will provide the room seating or required space for devotionals and you provide your program. Some groups opt to have a workshop or a service project during this time instead of a speaker, but it’s up to you. Snow Fun will also provide the space for your own Testimony meeting. The combination of these meetings build and strengthen relationships and culminate an outstanding youth conference.

Activity Center

When available and on your agenda, you can swim in the indoor pool (bathing suites required), and/or play volleyball, basketball, etc. Swimming Pool has a max limit of 150 people at a time.

Movie Under the Stars

"Movie under the Stars" - Movie title to be announced each spring.

Service Projects

Several Options might be available for your group to do a service project in Ephraim or Manti. We recommend you make arrangements early in your planning. See “Service Project” page on our website for contact information.

Castle Valley Pageant

One of the LDS Church’s eight pageants; this pageant portrays the trials, triumphs and tragedies of the first settler of Castle Valley. The pageant is held on a hill outside of Castle Dale, overlooking scenic Emery County. Castle Valley is about 90 miles east of Ephraim; please allow driving time of 1 hour 45 minutes. The pageant is held every other even year, 2012; 2014; 2016, etc., on the last weekend of July and the first weekend of August. Starts at 8:30 pm and ends around 10:30 pm. In addition, they set up a pioneer village on site to tour before the pageant begins.

Castle Valley Pageant link