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Ropes Course

Ropes Course Challenge at Badger Mountain is just a few miles up Ephraim Canyon (you are responsible for transportation). Your group will experience the team-building adventure activities of our rope course. The rope course is a series of individual and team events that are constructed with climbing ropes, cables, poles, and more. The stations vary in heights in the trees and on the ground. Your group will experience the thrill of accomplishing numerous low and high events that emphasizes trust, teamwork, communication, leadership, problem solving and more. Supervised and run by trained and responsible staff. We hope our course will be a challenging and safe team building, faith promoting, learning experience for your group. Please bring drinking water, bug repellant, and sunscreen to the ropes course. Also, if you are scheduled for a full-day, bring your own sack lunch. Please wear closed toe shoes; no sandals, flip-flops, or nylon shorts allowed.


In Ephraim on Main Street, go to 400 South and 300 East; take the Canyon road going south, the roads turns east and you head up the mountain. Go about a mile past where the oiled road ends. At that point, there are two lodge poles at the entrance of a small parking area, where the ropes course is located. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the ropes course.

Ropes Course Prices

1/2 Day: $25 per person (Youth and Adults)
Full Day: $35 per person (Youth and Adults)

SnowFun Ropes Course Map