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SnowFun Costs

2020 Youth Conference prices below include meals, housing, and activities.

Snowball 2-day: $72 per person
Snowball 3-day: $106 per person

*Snowball Youth Conferences do not include the ropes course

The Works 2-day: $89 per person
The Works 3-day: $124 per person

*The Works Youth Conferences does include our ½ day ropes course

(Prices are for all attendees, youth and leaders)

Any questions please contact Donna Birk (435) 283-7167 or email

email address for this person

Finances and Payments - The final cost of your conference will be based on the program, (i.e. Works or Snowball) you have chosen multiplied by the guaranteed count of participants in your group. For example, if your group has chosen to do “The Works” for 3 days, you will be charged the guaranteed number of participants x $124.00.  Remember that the definition for participants is everyone that comes with your group, youth and adults.   

Your group will be invoiced using the number you provide Snow Fun on your guaranteed count form.  Your guaranteed count form is due on or before April 1st (including gender numbers). This is necessary so the ordering of food, staff hiring, housing reservations and activities can be planned.  Be aware that we turn down other groups based on the numbers you give us. It is very important and in your best interest to get your numbers as accurate as possible. No one wants to pay for participants that end up not coming. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate additional participants if you underestimate your guaranteed count on April 1st and end up with more participants.  Notify us ASAP of any significant increase in numbers.

A billing invoice will be sent by email to your group contact shortly after April 1st and will be based on your guaranteed count times the program cost per individual. Any adjustments that need to be made will be done after your actual conference when you are emailed your final accounting.

Your initial deposit does not go towards your billing. Your deposit will be refunded minus any additional costs, damage fees, etc., within 60 days after your conference concludes.

Full Payment for your youth conference is due on or before May 1st.  Please plan ahead to send payment in full by the due date.  

Your final accounting (after your youth conference) will be charged your guaranteed number or actual number of participants, whichever is higher times your program cost. However, if less attend, you will be charged your guaranteed number.  No exceptions!  Thank you in advance for understanding your responsibilities in the Snow Fun financial process.  We do our best to accommodate each group. After your guaranteed count is reported, it is fixed and changing to a lower number is non-negotiable.