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Central Utah Leaders Academy

Central Utah Leaders Academy

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Hosted by

Snow College
Central Utah Leaders on steps in the State Capitol Building

Empowering community members to make positive, powerful, and lasting changes in our region

Empowering community leaders with leadership skills can benefit the community in a number of ways. It can help to improve communication and collaboration, increase civic engagement, and build capacity within the community. When community leaders have the skills and resources they need to effectively lead, it can help the community to better address its own challenges and become more resilient and self-sufficient. This includes all areas of leaders, from elected officials to business or religious leaders too.

Central Utah Leaders Academy (CULA) is designed to help these established or upcoming leaders gain skills and perspectives to assist them in making the changes in our communities. Remember the past, stay true to who we are, and adapt to the future. Participants will gain foundational knowledge and experience to contribute to positive change in the region. While experiencing a unique opportunity to connect with many diverse groups and organizations, members will foster high-level introductions and connections.


CULA Timeline

  • February-June

    Accepting Applications

  • July

    Member Selection

  • August

    Member Orientation

  • September

    Kickoff Retreat

Application and information

To apply, click on one of the apply now buttons and fill out the form. Please know that by applying, you are committing to attend each event, which are a full day (sometimes two, see the adventure day list). The application will remain open through June 30. Participants will be chosen from the applicant pool and notified of the decision made by the first week of August. Please don't apply if you cannot commit to the schedule. 18 participants will be chosen from the applicant pool.

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What are people saying about CULA?

"I gained insights that I will carry with me always and be able to use to enhance my leadership skills. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to improve their leadership skills, as well as learn about their community and how they can make a difference."  Jenny C

"My time at the Central Utah Leaders Academy  was impactful and provided me with tools to improve my leadership now and going forward. One of the biggest takeaways from this experience is how influential and transformational competent and inspired leadership can have on an organization." Brock J

"The diverse range of activities, combined with expert guidance and mentorship, has equipped me with the tools, insights, and inspiration to lead with authenticity and integrity. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of this journey and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in my school, community, and beyond." Cade P

"The interactive nature of the class, including group activities made the learning experience dynamic and engaging. These interactions not only enhanced my understanding of the role of community leaders and emphasized the important work that many organizations are doing to make the communities that we live in a great place by organizations striving to fulfill their missions." Liz B

"CULA gave me a new perspective on local issues I didn’t even know existed, introduced me to people and organizations I wasn’t familiar with, as well opened my heart up to really figuring out what type of leader I truly am." Makenzie M

"Central Utah Leaders Academy has been nothing short of transformative equipping me with essential life skills and empowering me to lead with authenticity and purpose, it has not only enriched my professional journey but has also profoundly impacted my personal growth. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to unlock their leadership potential and make a meaningful difference in the world." Jennifer B


Central Utah Leaders group on the mountain top looking over the valley below
Adventure Days

Monthly events are built around themes and include behind-the-scenes tours, VIP lunches, an overnight excursion to Utah's Capitol Hill, and College-sponsored trainings for creating and strengthening leadership skills. These are full day excursions, generally 9AM-4PM. Please commit to attending them all before applying.

  • Kickoff Retreat (Sept 10)
  • One Utah Summit Oct Multi day event (Oct 7-9)
  • Service (Nov 12)
  • Education (Dec 10) 
  • Health & Wellness (Jan 14) 
  • Government Days Feb Multi day event (Feb 11-12)
  • Growth & Development (March 11)
  • Parks, Rec, & Tourism (April 8) 
  • Media & Communication (May 13) 
  • GRADUATION (May or June)

Valued at $2,000 for the full year, membership includes a two-day+ trip to Cedar City for the One Utah Summit and an overnight trip to Salt Lake for Government Days with (7) additional Adventure days (see below).

All program costs are covered for this year (Sept 2024 - May 2025). 

For more information, contact Kenley Steck at 435-283-7326 or

CULA Founders

Founders are local champions who work closely with program staff to guide Academy design and implementation ensuring that membership selection and adventure days are meaningful. Founders also participate in facilitating growth and change, inspiring transformation, and developing local leaders.

  • Stacee McIff - President, Snow College
  • Derrin Owens - Snow College Economic Development Director, State Senator
  • Travis Kyhl - Executive Director, R6 Regional Council
  • Mark Stoddard - President & CEO, Rural Health Group
  • Brenda Bartholomew - CEO, Gunnison Valley Hospital
  • Doug Barton - Owner and Operator, Mid-Utah Radio
  • Jessica Alvey - Co-Owner, Red Desert Inc

Founder info

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